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When is it dangerous, when is it normal?

Not only bringing physical and mental pleasure, sex also plays an important role in health, helping to strengthen the relationship between husband and wife. However, after each bed activity, men often sweat a lot, making them feel lost in the eyes of their partners.

So why sweat after sex and how to improve it? In fact, there are 3 reasons for sweating during sex, which are:

1. Normal physiological phenomenon

Men sweat a lot after having sex: When is it dangerous, when is it normal?  - first

Sex is also considered a type of movement, so light sweating after “love” is a very normal physiological phenomenon. Because, during sex, men and women often have to use more force, combined with strong psychological activities, leading to a series of phenomena such as light sweating, high blood pressure. , skin flushing or body heat up.

In addition, when doing “sex”, the sweat glands are also in a relatively active state. Therefore, the possibility of sweating is very high, so you do not need to worry too much.

2. Spirit and psychology

Many men also sweat when they are nervous, nervous, or scared when dealing with important tasks. When having sex, they worry about whether their “bed” ability will satisfy their partner, especially for some men with impotence and premature ejaculation. This series of psychological activities easily leads to men sweating when “in love”.

If sweating a lot when having sex is due to psychological problems, men should learn to control their own psychology. You should not worry too much about your performance when having sex, instead seek understanding from your partner, only in this way can you solve the problem.

Men sweat a lot after having sex: When is it dangerous, when is it normal?  - 2

3. Weak mechanics

If men often sweat even when you are not too energetic during sex, then you should take a look at your health. Because, most of the cause of this situation is due to physiological weakness.

Just like when doing heavy work, if your physical health is weak, you will sweat more than the average person. Therefore, if the cause of your sweating is physical weakness, then you need to increase your fitness through diet and exercise.

Regarding the diet, you should pay attention to nutritional balance, not diet, and add a lot of protein, vitamins and other beneficial substances.

There are two aspects to increasing fitness. The first is diet and the second is exercise. Regarding exercise, you should practice regularly, from low to high difficulty, to avoid sudden heavy exercises that cause the body not to adapt in time.

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