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Why did the prisoners of the past ask for their execution in the fall?

In the past, when executing criminals, they were usually executed in “summer and autumn”, even at “three o’clock in the afternoon”, the outside world was confused as to why the ancients had the “autumn and winter” rule. beheading”? Even have to pick it up at 3:00pm? In fact, there is a lot of mystery behind it!

Why did the prisoners of the past ask for their execution in the fall?  - Photo 1.

In the past, when criminals were executed, they were usually executed in the “summer and autumn”, even at “three o’clock in the afternoon”. Photo: Justice and Society

According to records, the execution system originated in the Zhou Dynasty. The three months of autumn and winter are July, August, and September of the lunar calendar, which are also 3 periods of autumn. This is related to the natural theocracy of the ancients, that is, according to the will of heaven, spring and summer is the season for all things to multiply, autumn and winter is the season when trees wither, symbolizing cold.

At the same time, autumn corresponds to “gold” in the five elements, that is, everything is silent at this time, the lowest vitality, gold represents use, felling, and represents destruction. However, if you commit a major crime such as treason, there is no limit and can be immediately executed.

Regarding the choice of beheading at “three o’clock in the afternoon”, ie 11:45 am, there are two theories, first, according to historical records, at three o’clock in the afternoon, the sun is in the center, and the shadow is on the ground. This is the shortest period and also the most prosperous period of yang qi, which can suppress and dispel yin, preventing the ghosts of death row inmates from haunting. The execution should be carried out when the yang qi is at its peak.

In other words, because convicted prisoners are brought to the place of execution very early, they will not eat anything during that time, and they will not be able to kneel for a long time after arriving there. Most of the prisoners were exhausted, the midday sun became more and more blinding, causing the prisoners to lose their minds, even if they were beheaded, they would no longer realize how much, naturally, they would not have much energy left. resist, the rate of successful executions at this time is very high, and the pain of prisoners can also be alleviated.

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