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Why do Amber Heard and Ronaldo hide their biological parents?

The hiding of the identity of the biological father and mother of the child makes many stars like Ronaldo, Amber Heard … create curiosity with fans.

Follow SCMP, When celebrities announce the birth of a child, they are all the audience, the fans are interested in who is the other person (father and mother) of the baby. But not everyone is open to sharing the identity of their child’s parent.

A good example is Geri Halliwell (member of the Spice Girls). She kept the identity of her father and daughter Bluebell secret. Years later, the public learned that it was former journalist Sacha Gervasi.

Minnie Driver also “hidden” the identity of baby Padma Lakshmi’s father for a long time. In memoirs Love, Loss and What We Ate, The famous actress and MC said she hid the identity of the baby’s father because at that time she was intimate with two different men. Lakshmi had to take a DNA test before she dared to reveal it to the public.

While some people are willing to reveal their identities, the celebrities below still keep the real father and mother of their child a secret.

Why do Amber Heard and Ronaldo hide their biological parents?-1
Geri Halliwell kept her father’s identity hidden for many years. Photo: Newscom.

Who is the father of the daughter? Amber Heard?

After Amber Heard lost the lawsuit against Johnny Depp, fans are increasingly interested in the actress’s private life, especially the identity of her daughter born in mid-2021.

At that time, she posted on her personal page a photo of her holding her newborn daughter, revealing her name is Oonagh Paige. Star film Aquaman told fans she was “delighted to share this news with everyone”. The actress said she wanted to have children four years ago, but only now did.

“I appreciate that we women decide our own destiny. I hope one day it will be normalized for women to be unmarried but still have children.”she shared.

Amber Heard also addressed the details of her becoming a mother. “I want to keep the information private because I think my private life is not everyone’s business,” she said.

Follow Hello, Baby Oonagh was born through surrogacy. Before that, a few rumors about the baby’s father was Elon Musk, but in reality, they were all unfounded. She is currently a single mother. Sources say Amber Heard is Oonagh Paige’s only legal parent on paper.

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Amber Heard raised her child alone. Photo: @amberheard.

The mysterious identity of the woman who gave birth to a child Ronaldo

The football superstar recently welcomed twin children with fiancee Georgina Rodríguez through surrogacy. But unfortunately one of the children passed away. Before that, the Argentine model gave birth to a baby girl for Ronaldo in 2017.

Before officially becoming the life partner of Georgina Rodríguez, Ronaldo dated many hot girlfriends. But so far, what the public wonders the most – Ronaldo has never shared is the identity of the mother of his son Cristiano Jr.

“I have never told anyone this and will never share it. When Cristiano grows up, I will tell the truth to him because he deserves to know it. But that’s not why I share this with everyone. “the Portuguese star said in The Jonathan Ross Show.

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Ronaldo and his girlfriend and eldest son at a football awards ceremony. Photo: EPA.

Mindy Kaling refuses to share information

Mindy Kaling gave birth to her first daughter, Katherine, in December 2017. Two years later, she gave birth to a son named Spencer Avu. But when asked about the identity of the father of two children, the movie star Ocean’s 8 refuse to share.

Many fans believe that the father of two children is none other than her ex-boyfriend – BJ Novak. However, she did not deny or confirm. “I only tell my daughter when she grows up and don’t share it with anyone else”she gave an interview New York Times.

January Jones kept it a secret for 10 years

During pregnancy, movie stars Mad Men always makes fans wonder about the identity of the baby’s father. And after more than 10 years of welcoming son Xander, the secret is still there.

“I don’t think I want to marry anyone. I don’t know what to do if I get married. I just want to raise my kids alone. I’m mentally prepared and very excited about it.”Jones told The Edit.

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