Winner of Vietnam Idol Kids Thien Khoi “makeovers” in both voice and appearance

Champion Vietnam Idol Kids 2017 – Thien Khoi has just released a new MV titled Because you’re stupid with mature style both in image and music. When coming out of the music competition, Thien Khoi was impressed by her cute, chubby appearance and typical Maika hair. The beloved student of female singer Van Mai Huong also left an indelible mark with a unique musical style. Thien Khoi is loved with songs like Knowing you accidentally, Tell me why, Where to go to see flowers fly,…

Winner of Vietnam Idol Kids Thien Khoi

Thien Khoi is the winner of Vietnam Idol Kids 2017.

Back with a new MV with a different musical color, Thien Khoi surprises with a mature look. After a long quiet year to learn more about music, the history of music and myself, Thien Khoi combines Bossa Nova music with Pop to create an easy-to-listen song without losing its own character. Bossa Nova. Before that, the male singer tried to mix this song with 2 genres, Indie-Pop and Disco. However, when it came to assembling the instrument and picking up the electric guitar, Thien Khoi created a completely new, American version.

Vietnam Idol Kids Champion Thien Khoi

Winner of Vietnam Idol Kids Thien Khoi

Thien Khoi showcases his talents as a musician, songwriter, producer and producer.

2 years ago, Because you’re stupid is one of the songs that show Thien Khoi’s talent as a songwriter, composer, producer, and producer. After several ballad productions, the male singer realized that the genre could not convey his personality and musical style. Through the new MV, the singer born in 2005 shows her maturity in both visual and aural parts. This is also a product that marks a milestone for the male singer to get rid of the image of “baby Thien Khoi” before.

At the age of 17, Thien Khoi made profound comments in the process of making products: “Thien Khoi’s biggest difficulty in making this MV is the message. Thien Khoi wants to convey the message through the MV in a rustic and classic way. Khoi had to meet with director Kiro Dinh many times to exchange and convey the content so that he could create a well-rounded product and convey the message in the most understandable way.

Vietnam Idol Kids Champion Thien Khoi

Vietnam Idol Kids Champion Thien Khoi

The male singer has “transformed” with a new image, getting rid of the label “baby Thien Khoi” and moving towards a more mature style at the age of 17.

The male singer hopes that through this product, the audience can see a new side of Thien Khoi and the diversity and effectiveness of combining 2 different music genres, creating a premise for the development of music products. new. MV Because you’re stupid is the “first shot” for the combination of musical styles and Thien Khoi’s project series in 2022.

Video: MV “Because you’re stupid”

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