Memory loss because of two years of epidemic

AmericaWhen she had to fill in her year of birth, Lauren Bendik took a while to remember how old she was. “31 years old? No, I’m 32. Two bland birthdays make me forget. It’s hard to know what I’ve done in the past two years,” Lauren said. Previously, the woman living in Los Angeles, USA … Read more

9 ways to turn danger into safety

Maybe the ways below you all know, but cannot remember when dangerous situations come to you. In a crowd, point to someone and say, “Hurry up, call an ambulance,” instead of saying, “Someone call an ambulance.” The bystander effect makes people believe that someone else will help the victim if not alone because many other … Read more

The doctor and his wife quit their jobs to return to their hometown to grow vegetables

HanoiIn August 2020, at the age of 37, the two words “retirement” suddenly appeared in Nguyen Thi Duyen’s head when she saw that the couple’s vegetable farm suffered an 11th consecutive month of loss. Ms. Duyen, a native of Thai Binh, has a master’s degree in agriculture in Australia. She decided to leave town to … Read more

The incense seller in Thuy Xuan village raises money for children with cancer

HueRain or shine, the disease makes the village empty, Mother Tuyet still sells goods to have money to help unfortunate lives. In the days leading up to Tet, at 7 am, Ms. Ton Nu Anh Tuyet was busy packing, spreading colorful bundles of incense sticks on the shelves, hanging conical hats overhead. Whenever a guest … Read more

The meaning of the position of wearing the ring

Everyone knows where the wedding ring should be worn, but you wear the ring on other fingers also has different meanings. Since the creation of jewelry, rings have performed many functions such as amulets, signaling a person’s social status, and also revealing one’s marital status. Usually the ring worn on the left hand represents your … Read more

Drunk drivers are fined for cleaning funeral homes

TaiwanWanting drunk drivers to understand how scary death is, the Kaohsiung city authorities fined them to clean up the morgue, refrigeration unit and crematorium. Last month, Kaohsiung public opinion was stirred by a car accident caused by a drunk driver, which left one person dead and three others injured. Mayor Chen Qimai announced that drivers … Read more

0 VND mini supermarket in the hospital

PNJ has just opened a 0-dong supermarket at Military Hospital 175 to support patients with serious illnesses, long hospital stays in difficult circumstances and frontline medical staff. Opened on January 20, this is the last supermarket in a chain of 33 mini-markets for Tet with 0 dong that Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company (PNJ) … Read more

Produce lifelike limbs for people with disabilities

HanoiMr. Phuc corrects each wrinkle on a silicone prosthetic finger, sometimes comparing it with real skin color, before fitting it into the customer’s hand. In a 40-square-meter room located on Tan Mai Street, Hoang Mai District, one afternoon at the end of 2021, the guest raised his hand with all five fingers, smiled satisfied, and … Read more

How to look 3 years younger in 8 weeks

The method to help reverse the aging process of Dr. Kara Fitzgerald (USA) is completely based on diet and lifestyle. Award-winning Dr. Kara Fitzgerald on DNA methylation – a way to help people stay young, healthy and live longer. 1. Diet When it comes to reversing biological age, Fitzgerald recommends changing your daily diet. A … Read more

How not to quarrel with loved ones during Tet?

After a busy year, they were able to sit down for a reunion dinner, but many families lost their joy, sometimes because of the questions ‘have you got a lover’, ‘what did you buy this year?’… According to psychiatrist, Dr. Chua Siew Eng (Singapore), comments from family members often target some of your weaknesses. It … Read more