Memory loss because of two years of epidemic

AmericaWhen she had to fill in her year of birth, Lauren Bendik took a while to remember how old she was. “31 years old? No, I’m 32. Two bland birthdays make me forget. It’s hard to know what I’ve done in the past two years,” Lauren said. Previously, the woman living in Los Angeles, USA … Read more

Potential dangers of a familiar food during Tet

In terms of nutrition, banh chung is a dish that is rich in energy and has many good nutrients such as fat, protein, vitamins (meat filling). According to research, an average banh chung weighs about 1kg, equivalent to 1,810kcal, 1/8 of a banh chung will provide 226kcal – the nutritional value of a full bowl … Read more

Waiting for someone far away

There are moments, long distance lovers feel this kind of love is really bad. They love each other, but they cannot trust each other completely. Is love, but there is no way to fully express feelings for the other person to understand. Is there a love more difficult than the love of long distance lovers? … Read more

9 ways to turn danger into safety

Maybe the ways below you all know, but cannot remember when dangerous situations come to you. In a crowd, point to someone and say, “Hurry up, call an ambulance,” instead of saying, “Someone call an ambulance.” The bystander effect makes people believe that someone else will help the victim if not alone because many other … Read more

The mystery of the unusual spiraling old orchard in Canada

About 20 kilometers northwest of the town of Hafford, in Saskatchewan, Canada there is a forest of trees and branches with strong twists and unusual curves. The unusual crooked poplar forest attracts many tourists and scientists. Instead of growing vertically, the poplar forest here grows crooked and from a distance, many people feel like they … Read more

Driving a motorbike for thousands of kilometers to go home to celebrate Tet

At the beginning of December, Le Van Vui, 28 years old, joined the group “Motorcycle riders going home”, gathered nearly a dozen young people to run 1,200 km from Ho Chi Minh City to Nghe An. His decision was made after hearing that a compatriot traveling on a bus with F0 had to be quarantined … Read more

500 pots of stone lotus to welcome spring of Moc Chau girl

Son LaWhen friends were worried that they would not have a place to play Tet because of the epidemic, Hang completed a traditional style lotus garden to welcome spring for the whole family to spend the spring at home. Two years ago, Tran Thi Hang (22 years old) in Moc Chau town started buying succulents … Read more