Technology helps diagnose genetic diseases in hours

AmericaThe new technique is extremely fast, setting a Guinness world record for its ability to sequence genomes and diagnose genetic diseases in just a few hours. The new technique greatly shortens the time for sequencing the genome. Photo: Ssilver/Depositphotos Researchers from Stanford University and the University of California, Santa Cruz tested a new technique on … Read more

Prof. VS Nguyen Van Hieu passed away

Prof. VS Nguyen Van Hieu died at the age of 84, at 11:52 am on January 23 due to serious illness and advanced age. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hoai Chau, the younger brother, confirmed the sad news. He said that Prof. Nguyen Van Hieu had been suffering from lung and kidney disease for a long … Read more

Restoring the face of a mummy 2,600 years old

A team of experts restores the appearance of a dark brown-eyed and dark-skinned lady from the 26th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt. The reconstructed face of the mummy Shep-en-Isis. Photo: FAPAB . Research Center Scientists spent months reconstructing the face of Switzerland’s most famous Egyptian mummy, Shep-en-Isis, or Schepenese, using tomography technology and morphological data from … Read more

Fake banana plants can become superfoods of the future

Scientists believe that enset, a tree native to Ethiopia, could become a new superfood and savior in the fight against climate change. The enset tree in Ethiopia is likened to a “super tree” against hunger. Photo: BBC The banana-shaped enset tree has the potential to feed more than 100 million people around the world, according … Read more

Electronic skin helps to control the robot remotely

ChinaThrough haptic feedback, the skin allows the operator to remotely control the robot and feel what the robot is holding. The electronic skin pad is highly sensitive. Photo: KAUST Researchers in China develop a wireless flexible skin that allows the exchange of tactile stimuli between the operator and the robot. Built by a team of … Read more

The bubble didn’t burst for 465 days

FranceBy adding glycerol and plastic beads, the scientists created ultra-strong bubbles that have potential applications in the drug and food industries. The team’s bubble at the University of Lille is likely to last for more than a year. Photo: Physical Review Fluids In research published in the journal Physical Review Fluids On January 18, a … Read more

Private investment in space in 2021 is at a record high

Private companies have invested up to $14.5 billion in space infrastructure in 2021, according to a new report Jan. This amount is 50% higher than the previous record set in 2020, New York-based venture capital firm Space Capital, which made the report, emphasized. Of the $14.5 billion in private investment in 2021, the fourth quarter … Read more

Video ‘selfie’ penguins rush into sardines

ArgentinaTo learn about the food and habitat of Gentoo penguins, experts attach a camera to a male and record its hunt. Video ‘selfie’ penguins rush into sardines The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Argentina released a special ‘selfie’ video on January 20 to celebrate this year’s Penguin Awareness Day. Video captures the scene of a Gentoo … Read more

Harnessing energy on the ‘lake of death’

Rwanda’s KivuWatt is venturing into generating electricity from gas that accumulates under Lake Kivu, one of the world’s most dangerous lakes. Harnessing energy on the ‘lake of death’ Methane gas plant to generate electricity on Lake Kivu. Video: AFP Located between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lake Kivu was formed by subsidence … Read more

Rare twin elephants

A mother elephant in a reserve in northern Kenya gave birth to twins a few days ago, a rare occurrence in the wild. Rare twin elephants African elephant giving birth to two young is rare in northern Kenya. Video: AFP Conservation group Save the Elephants said on January 20 that the pair of baby elephants … Read more