Baby knows how to call mom right at this time, which means great intelligence

Normally, the development process of each child goes through stages, from learning to roll, learning to crawl, learning to stand, to learning to walk, to learn to speak. Especially when children first learn to babble and call their mother, this makes many parents happy. However, depending on the physical condition, some children speak early, some … Read more

The 11-year-old girl is 168cm tall, the doctor said this food is a growth agent, please feed her a lot

Every child is the hope of the family, every parent wants their child to grow up healthy and happy, especially now that the standard of living is improving, the family and society are more and more concerned. to children, not only learning, but also physical, including height. Little girl Tieu Minh is 11 years old … Read more

3 stages in which infants are most susceptible to diseases, do not take care of their immune system damage

According to experts from Nanjing Children’s Hospital (China), children under the age of 6 get an average of 6-8 colds a year. In autumn and winter, usually some children get sick 1-2 times/month. Many children get sick often because of poor immunity. In fact, a child’s immune system is constantly being trained to improve and … Read more

Children sleeping in this position can “steal” intelligence and resistance, and quickly fix it

For babies and young children, eating and sleeping is a top priority. During the first year of life, children may often face many sleep problems such as sleep disturbances, trouble sleeping, waking up easily, night crying, etc. Studies have shown that sleep duration and sleep quality have a profound effect on human intellectual development, especially … Read more

3 expressions of children’s insecurity and lack of parental love

With the popularization of the concept of scientific parenting and early education in the family, more and more parents understand the importance of love for adulthood, and always give the best possible attention. can for children. But sometimes it is inevitable that the lack of attention to children because of being busy with livelihood, makes … Read more

These 4 behaviors are “bad habits” in the mother’s eyes, but prove that the baby is extremely intelligent and has a high IQ

Children from 2-3 years old will show their intelligence through life by behaviors such as: tantrums, tearing paper, drawing on the wall, throwing things around, fussing…, sometimes these expressions are not. mistaken by parents as a child’s bad habit, but in the eyes of doctors and parenting experts, this is a sign that a child … Read more