The 4th husband of “Vo Tac Thien” appeared, at the age of 80, white hair was still in love with his wife

Video: Reviewing the young image of Luu Hieu Khanh when playing Vo Tac Thien. Recently, on social networks, a photo of Luu Hieu Khanh suddenly appeared on the social network with her fourth husband, Vuong Hieu Ngoc. In the photo, the couple is quite affectionate and comfortable. Liu Xiaoqing also laughed happily with her 80-year-old … Read more

After 5 years of marriage, Lam Tam Nhu revealed that she had “forsaken” Huo Kien Hoa, the fans opened up about the quarrel.

Recently, Lam Tam Nhu had the opportunity to share with the audience and the media, her family life, and her relationship with Huo Kien Hoa. Accordingly, the female screen pearl Cbiz has revealed a lot of interesting details about her husband to everyone. Her sharing received the attention of the public. Lam Tam Nhu suddenly … Read more

Chinese – Korean beauties “slap” her ex-husband: The one who changed her boyfriend like a shirt, who won the Oscar

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“Vo Tac Thien” Luu Hieu Khanh with white hair sitting on the side of the road eating rice, was shocked to see his face

Liu Xiaoqing is famous for her youthful beauty despite being at the age of 66. She was praised by the press for maintaining and maintaining her appearance too well. Recently, the audience was surprised to see a new series of photos of Luu Hieu Khanh. Immediately, she became the center of attention of netizens. Liu … Read more

“Chan Long” Truong Thiet Lam sells words for hundreds of millions, netizens are disgruntled: “I guess I still think I’m a king”

Video: Truong Thiet Lam and To Huu Bang recount their memories of filming Hoan Chau Cach Cach. Recently, Sohu page has just published the latest article about “Chan Long” Truong Thiet Lam. Accordingly, the famous male artist has just sold calligraphy in an online livestream. His story of selling letters received a lot of attention … Read more