Having given birth to a son, Phan Thanh’s wife could not hold her child, now she “requests” for help from the sister association

During pregnancy, a woman’s body will have many changes, such as increased weight, enlarged breasts, bigger buttocks, and pain because the growing fetus causes the body’s cords to stretch. stretched, the pressure is on the organs in the body… Even after giving birth, the mother’s body also needs a long time to recover to its … Read more

10 days after giving birth, Chi Bao’s young wife “fired up” looking at her sagging body and immediately went to “refurbish”

In the heart of every mother, perhaps the moment of childbirth is the most sacred moment that nothing can replace. Before entering the delivery room, how nervous I was, how scared I was during childbirth and my emotions were really broken when I heard the baby cry… Every minute that passes is precious and precious. … Read more

After giving birth, Ha Thanh’s long-legged legs once revealed his sagging breasts, “wanting to change the speaker”

After giving birth, a woman’s body will undergo many changes. Besides stretch marks, loose skin, hair loss, forgetfulness…, sagging breasts are also a common phenomenon in mothers who have breastfed their babies. And in Vietnamese showbiz, many beauties have suffered this change to the point of wanting to go “speaker”. Owning a beautiful face and … Read more

Having just given birth with her new husband, Le Be La “squeezed” the abdomen, happily showing off her figure

During the confinement period, the “birth mothers” will be given nutritious food and maximum rest to quickly recover their health after a difficult pregnancy and childbirth. Therefore, it is almost impossible to lose weight in shape in 1 month after giving birth. At best, mothers can only lose some of the excess weight, but how … Read more

Being criticized for “two backs”, the wife of the “famous resort owner” gave birth to a different child than when she was young

After giving birth, talking about body shape is always the goal of the mothers of the “milk diaper society”. Depending on the body, the amount of weight gained during pregnancy and the persistence and effort when losing weight, the speed of each mother’s shape is different. Some people will take a long time, but there … Read more

Le Be La gave birth to a child with her new husband, after giving birth, her husband “transferred to pay” immediately

According to geneticists, the offspring will inherit genetics from their parents like “a child of the same family without feathers as a wing”. However, in reality, there is no mother “surrogate” for her husband because the child looks like his father. And recently, the “surrogacy association” has added a new member – actress Le Be … Read more