5 strange New Year customs around the world

Spain: Eat grapes for good luck photo: internet In Spain, locals will eat exactly 12 grapes at midnight, a tradition that has been honored and maintained since the late 19th century. Since the 1800s, grape growers in Spain The Alicante region devised this tradition as a means to sell more grapes at the end of … Read more

The specialty is only in Dong Thap, it looks horrible but everyone wants to eat it, the price is extremely expensive

Dong Thap is famous for many famous specialties that make many domestic and foreign tourists excited. In addition, there are many unique dishes that not everyone has the courage to enjoy, including dishes made from snake meat. First of all, we have to talk about food Snakehead made from water lily or water snakes. It … Read more

Specialty only in Bac Lieu, everyone who eats it will shed tears, the secret of cooking is extremely rare

In Vietnamese cuisine, vermicelli is a rice-based product that is processed in a variety of ways with different broths and “toppings”. Therefore, Vietnamese people can eat vermicelli 7 days a week but never get bored. Even each region has a typical noodle dish. As Hanoi has vermicelli with shrimp paste, vermicelli, Hue has Hue beef … Read more