Da Lat is crowded with tourists flocking to the New Year holiday 2022

(Blogtuan.info) – The weather in Da Lat city ranges from 14 to 16 degrees Celsius, which is ideal for tourists to visit and see cherry blossoms in full bloom. As noted from the early morning of January 1 and 2, 2022, the central streets of the inner city of Da Lat (Lam Dong) were busier … Read more

Note when checking in with cherry apricots in Da Lat

Lam DongMong Dao Nguyen, Cau Dat tea hill, Tuyen Lam lake … are destinations that attract tourists when the cherry apricot blossoms bloom on the occasion of the New Year. Located about 17 km from the center of Da Lat city, Mong Dao Nguyen cherry apricot forest in Lac Duong district is welcomed by tourists … Read more

Wake up to the poetic Da Lat in the last days of winter through the 9X boy’s photos

Freelance photographer Nguyen Duc Hieu has captured the quiet and poetic Da Lat moments in the last days of winter, making young people flutter. When coming to Da Lat to work in early December, Duc Hieu (23 years old, from Quang Tri) took advantage of taking pictures of the beautiful and peaceful scenes here. “In … Read more

‘Homeworker’ created a special set of photos to bring parents back to their youth

To celebrate the 30th wedding anniversary of their parents, Trong Nhan sisters made a special set of photos for the one born in Da Lat. Many people murmured because the photos were too cute and the meaningful story about filial piety. Recently, Mr. Le Doan Trong Nhan (21 years old, 4th year student at the … Read more

The weather in Ho Chi Minh City is cold, young people think they are traveling in Da Lat

On the weekend morning, the weather in Ho Chi Minh City is cold, young people are eager to go down the street with a relaxed mood, imagining as if they are traveling in Da Lat. Bustling down the street in the cold weather In recent days, the climate of Ho Chi Minh City has become … Read more

Young people decipher the rumor ‘If you love each other, go to Da Lat to break up’

Many people believe that love stories, whether they break up or stick together, are their own, not related to Da Lat. After a long time of social distancing, Trong Hoang wants to take his girlfriend away to warm up his feelings. The expected destination is Da Lat because both like the cold weather and the … Read more

Da Lat people ‘do not discriminate against foreign tourists’

They do not discriminate against tourists, but they are afraid of going to quarantine, fear of affecting life and economy. In mid-November, social networks spread many pictures of some restaurants in Da Lat city hanging signs restricting, not serving customers from outside the province and looking forward to understanding. Exchange with VnExpress.netMr. Le Anh Kiet, … Read more

Tourists experience a difference in Da Lat after the distance

To come to Da Lat, Tin must have a Covid-19 green card, make a medical declaration on the move and at the ward medical station where he lives, and take a quick test. Da Lat is the choice of many Saigon tourists after the break with short trips on weekends. Diep Phuc Tin, born in … Read more