Argentina struggles to extinguish forest fires

Due to rising temperatures in Argentina, the country has deployed firefighters to extinguish forest fires that have broken out in 9 of 23 provinces, including a large forest fire that has been smoldering for more than a month. Smoke rises from a forest fire in Valdes, Chubut province, Argentina, January 4, 2022. Photo: AFP/VNA In … Read more

Wildfires destroy hundreds of homes

AmericaThe Colorado fire, fueled by high winds, burned more than 2,500 hectares of forest and hundreds of homes in one day, but caused no casualties. The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado, USA, on December 30, confirmed that 370 homes west of the town of Superior and 210 in the old town had been destroyed by … Read more

Warning of emergency because of bushfires in Australia

Two dangerous bushfires are spreading in Western Australia, threatening lives and many homes in the region currently impacted by a severe summer heatwave. Firefighters spray water on a bushfire in the suburb of Wooroloo, near Perth, Australia. Documentary photo: AFP/VNA On the morning of December 27, the Western Australian State Fire Police Department (DFES) issued … Read more

The meteorite that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs made the Earth dark for 2 years in a row

A new study says the asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs and almost all life 66 million years ago left Earth in darkness for two years. Illustration: Shutterstock According to the Dailymail, a research team from the California Academy of Sciences said that smoke from wildfires filled the sky and obscured the Sun shortly after the … Read more

‘Zombie fire’ burns in a cold place of -50 degrees C

RussiaThe photographer captured smoke rising from an underground fire fueled by peat and methane, while ice covered the ground. ‘Zombie fire’ burns near a cold place of -50 degrees C Semyon Sivtsev, photographer from the village of Oymyakon, Yakutia, Russia, captured the scene of smoke rising from the completely frozen ground, Interesting Engineering reported on … Read more

Brazil: The Amazon forest has suffered the most damage in the past 15 years

Official statistics released on November 18 showed that the area of ​​Amazon forest destroyed in Brazil from August 2020 to July 2021 was 13,235 square kilometers, the highest level recorded since 2006. Smoke rises from the Amazon forest fire in the state of Para, Brazil on August 16, 2020. Photo: AFP/VNA According to the Vietnam … Read more

Bringing Starlink satellite internet to the Amazon rainforest

Through a partnership with SpaceX, Brazil wants to bring satellite internet to remote areas and use Starlink satellites to stop deforestation. Follow Business Insider, billionaire Elon Musk met with Brazilian communications minister Fábio Faria in Texas (USA) earlier this week to discuss bringing satellite internet to the Amazon rainforest. Brazilian Communications Minister Fábio Faria (left) … Read more

Canada: Thousands of people have to be evacuated due to heavy rain in British Columbia province

On November 15, heavy rain fell on the Pacific coast of Canada, forcing all residents in a town to evacuate, while many cars were stuck due to mud and rock landslides blocking roads. big highway. Wildfires spread in British Columbia, Canada, on July 21, 2021. Photo: AFP/VNA Local media reported that authorities in the town … Read more

Australia honors Vietnamese female doctor for making fireproof materials

According to the Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Sydney, Vietnamese doctor Nguyen Thuy Quynh, a senior lecturer at RMIT University in Australia, has just been voted by the national daily newspaper The Australian as Australia’s leading researcher on synthetic materials. composite) in 2021, with the topic of researching and manufacturing fireproof materials to help protect … Read more

Vietnamese woman develops fireproof coating material in Australia

A Vietnamese female doctor was honored as the leading materials expert in Australia for her contribution to the response to forest fires in the country. Research Magazine 2021 (Australia) recently honored Kate Nguyen as the leading composite materials expert in Australia for developing a coating material to help respond to forest fires that frequently occur … Read more