The great river dries up like never before due to drought

ParaguayDroughts, high temperatures and unusual declines in major rivers are forecast to cause major economic damage to the South American nation by 2022. “It looks like this year will be even worse than 2021. The total flow of the Paraguay River is at an all-time low,” Carlos Muñoz, director of the Paraguayan Maritime and River … Read more

Australian town records record temperature of 50.7°C

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) said the coastal town of Onslow in the west of the country had the highest temperature in the country in 62 years. “Onslow recorded a temperature of 50.7°C on the afternoon of January 13. This is the highest temperature ever recorded in the state of West Australia, equal to … Read more

Earth experienced 7 years of unprecedented heat

The European Union’s (EU) climate agency says the past seven years have been the hottest on earth. Wildfire spreads through a residential area in Colorado, USA on December 30, 2021 reuters CNN on 10/1 cited analysis by the European Union’s climate agency (EU) showing that the past seven years have been the hottest time on … Read more

Unusually high temperature in Greenland

The Danish Meteorological Institute has recorded a spike in temperatures on the island of Greenland in recent days, a trend linked to climate change. In Greenland’s capital Nuuk, temperatures hit 13°C on December 20, compared with -5.3°C on average for this time of year. In the northern town of Qaanaaq, temperatures also rose to 8.3°C … Read more

Earth is about to suffer ‘unbearable’ heat waves

Deadly heat waves are on the rise, threatening lives and cultures in many parts of the world. Protests call for action against climate change on the sidelines of COP26 afp Experts are warning of heatwaves in parts of the world that are becoming unbearable for many, from Death Valley to the Middle East, the Indian … Read more

Life is like burning under the heat of 50 degrees C

In the summer, Shakeela Bano, who lives in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, has to sleep many nights on the roof with mats, because it’s too hot inside. Shakeela lives with her husband, daughter and three grandchildren in a room without windows. They only have one ceiling fan to combat the scorching heat. “We had many sleepless … Read more