A surprising symptom of infection with the Omicron . variant

Currently Omicron is spreading around the world and becoming the dominant variant in many countries. So, being aware of symptoms and self-isolating if found to be sick can help stop the spread of Covid-19. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says people with Covid-19 have reported many symptoms. Known symptoms to date … Read more

Stiff neck pain, when to see a doctor?

The causes of stiff neck pain are varied, from sitting in the wrong position to having a heart attack. Most cases of stiff neck can be treated at home. But sometimes, sick people have to go to the doctor to check. The neck is the site of the first vertebrae of the spine. The muscles … Read more

The drug promises to treat the last stage of Covid-19 disease

The Israeli pharmaceutical technology company Bonus BioGroup said that it is developing and testing a drug to treat the terminal stages of Covid-19 disease, achieving 94% effectiveness in saving lives of seriously ill people. The drug MesenCure is being tested Bonus BioGroup Fox News on November 23 reported that Bonus BioGroup’s MesenCure cell therapy had … Read more

Rare accident: MMA fighter broke testicle due to knee injury

During practice, an American MMA fighter was accidentally hit in the groin by the opponent. He collapsed and was taken to the emergency room. One of his testicles was broken. Christian Lohsen, 26 years old, is a professional MMA fighter. He is living and practicing in Deland city, Florida state (USA). Sportbible. Christian Lohsen broke … Read more

New day with health news: Why did the Covid-19 outbreak appear at home?

Research finds out why there are many Covid-19 outbreaks in families; 5 habits that are as harmful as smoking… is the information readers can see when starting a new day 14.11 with health news. “In addition to its anti-nausea and stomach-soothing properties, ginger can also fight pain, including joint pain caused by arthritis as well … Read more