How to tell if a headache is caused by migraine or sinusitis?

Many people with migraines confuse headaches with sinusitis. This is because migraines and sinusitis both cause a runny nose and watery eyes. Despite similarities, health’ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>health: For healthy kidneys, note these things!” target=”_blank”>migraine with sinusitis also has many other points. These differences mainly stem from the causes and effects of the disease on … Read more

A surprising symptom of infection with the Omicron . variant

Currently Omicron is spreading around the world and becoming the dominant variant in many countries. So, being aware of symptoms and self-isolating if found to be sick can help stop the spread of Covid-19. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says people with Covid-19 have reported many symptoms. Known symptoms to date … Read more

The British Prime Minister announced that the Omicron variant causes mild symptoms

Covid-19 patients admitted to hospital in the UK during the wave spurred by the Omicron variant almost all showed milder symptoms than in previous outbreaks. A person wearing a mask walks past the Royal London Hospital Reuters British Minister for Vaccines and Public Health Maggie Throup said on January 4 that hospitalized Covid-19 patients are … Read more

5 signs during sleep that signal you have Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disease that affects the patient’s mobility. The NHS says one in 500 Britons has Parkinson’s disease, and men are at higher risk than women. According to the news site Express, we can recognize early signs of disease through sleep. Parkinson’s occurs in the elderly SHUTTERSTOCK Researchers estimate that up to … Read more

How much exercise is best to reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19?

The researchers observed that people who did moderate-intensity exercise for 10 hours or more per week significantly reduced their risk of contracting Covid-19. A study on factors affecting pre-vaccination antibody response to SARS-CoV-2, titled COVIDENCE UK, has been published on the pending publication. medRxiv. Exercising at a moderate intensity for 10 hours or more a … Read more