Android 10 is the most popular Android version

Up-to-date data provided in Android Studio shows the latest statistics on monthly Android versions split, although Google stopped reporting this information at the end of 2018. Follow GizChina, statistical data from Android Studio is used to determine the right app version for developers. Because Android 12 was only released a few weeks ago, there is … Read more

OnePlus Nord 2 x Pac-Man Edition launched with a new design, with a luminous back, priced at nearly 12 million

Recently, OnePlus has launched a special version of the OnePlus Nord 2, themed on the famous arcade game Pac-Man of the 80s. In the past, OnePlus has also cooperated with many famous brands to launch special versions of OnePlus models with owners all about Marvel, Star Wars or McLaren supercars… This version is called OnePlus. … Read more

Nokia grew strongly in Europe

Reports from various market research companies show that Nokia has grown significantly in the smartphone market in Europe since last year until now. Follow Blazetrends, HMD – Nokia’s parent company brand is growing from 24% to 31% in Europe. Nokia smartphones are increasingly gaining a foothold in the market Reuters Research firm Counterpoint Research thinks … Read more