The White House worries about the worst scenario in the midterm election year

( – The White House hopes Democrats will maintain their majority in Congress after the midterm elections thanks to the Covid-19 vaccine campaign and legislative achievements. The US midterm elections are 10 months away, but the administration of President Joe Biden and his allies are already worried about the worst-case scenario where the Republicans take … Read more

Trump rallies loyal voters in Arizona

Trump says large crowds will appear when he meets loyal voters in Arizona, as the investigation into the Capitol Hill riots heats up. “Many topics will be discussed, including the rigged presidential election in 2020,” former US president Donald Trump said in a press release on January 14, repeating allegations of voter fraud. election that … Read more

Who is the potential 2024 Republican presidential candidate?

( – Former President Donald Trump is still the brightest Republican candidate to run for president of the United States in 2024. According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted in mid-December 2021 and released a few days ago, 54% of Republicans when asked said they support former President Donald Trump representing the party. This is a … Read more

Trump asked to dismiss the accusation of inciting riots at the Capitol

( – Former US President Donald Trump is seeking to drop a lawsuit accusing him of inciting riots at the Capitol on January 6, arguing that speakers at political campaign events do not have ” duty of care” to members of Congress or Capitol police who were not present at the event. Mr. Trump, who … Read more

Former President Donald Trump “faces 20 years in prison”?

( – Former President Donald Trump called the investigation into the riots in Congress on January 6 a political drama and a “witch hunt” against him by Democrats and Republican lawmakers. in the name of. The investigation by a House committee was launched in July after previous attempts to bar Mr. Trump from holding any … Read more

Republican Party Expels Anti-Trump Congressman

The Wyoming Republican Party expelled the membership of Congressman Liz Cheney, who voted in favor of impeaching former President Trump. The Republican Executive Committee of Wyoming, USA, over the weekend voted to expel Liz Cheney with 31 votes in favor and 29 votes against. Earlier, about a third of Wyoming’s 23 Republican county committees also … Read more

Donald Trump’s former adviser in turn “falls into trouble”

( – A former adviser to former US President Donald Trump has been indicted for ignoring a subpoena from a congressional committee investigating the riots on Capitol Hill. The Justice Department said on November 12 that Stephen Bannon had refused to cooperate with a House investigative committee to provide testimony and related documents, citing his … Read more

Mr. Trump was suddenly given a temporary “shield”

( – On November 11, an appeals court in Washington approved former President Donald Trump’s request to suspend the release of White House records related to the Capitol riots on January 6. The records include presidential diaries, call logs and other documents. Previously, the National Archives planned to hand over these documents to the commission … Read more