What does the new study find about sudden death during “love”?

A team of researchers at St George’s University London (UK) has found that people who die of a heart attack during or shortly after “falling in love” are very rare, according to the medical website. Medical Express. An article published in the medical journal of Cardiology JAMA Cardiology described the study of data from the … Read more

Abandoning a child after finding out that the sperm donor was lying

A Japanese woman has abandoned her baby after finding out that her sperm donor had lied to her about her marital status, ethnicity and educational background. A woman in Japan has abandoned her child after realizing the sperm donor was a liar and is suing him. AFP Newspaper Newsweek January 12, citing information from the … Read more

Allegations of sexual assault ‘encircle’ Prince Andrew

(Blogtuan.info) – Judge Lewis Kaplan in the US has ordered Prince Andrew’s lawyers to submit documents according to a fixed schedule in the juvenile sexual assault case. Virginia Giuffre accused billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide while awaiting trial in 2019, of lending her money to have sex with wealthy and powerful figures who knew … Read more

Judgment brings big benefits to sex workers in India

Sex workers rights activists say the recent ruling by India’s Supreme Court will bring far-reaching benefits to this sex worker. The official number of sex workers in India is believed to be much lower than the actual number Screenshot The INDIAN Express Official estimates suggest that there are around 1 million sex workers in India, … Read more

Canada apologizes for sexual harassment and assault in the military

Defense Secretary Anita Anand and Army Chief of Staff Wayne Eyre apologize for sexual harassment and assault in the military. Canadian soldiers during a parade in Calgary cbc screenshot AFP news agency on December 14 reported that two senior Canadian officials apologized for the widespread sex scandal in the military, and acknowledged the failure to … Read more

The expensive defender of Man City and the French team was charged with 2 more rape charges

British prosecutors on November 16 said Man City and France defender Benjamin Mendy has been charged with two more counts of rape. Mendy now faces six counts of rape and one count of sexual assault involving four complainants, all of which occurred between October 2020 and August of this year. The second man, Louis Saha … Read more

Steam Deck delayed to early next year

Valve has announced to delay the release of their new handheld game console, the Steam Deck, to early next year instead of late 2021 as originally planned. According to Neowin, Valve revealed the delay in a blog post on Steam, where the company said the Steam Deck sex was delayed by two months from December … Read more

45-minute ‘rainy clouds’ tour in the sky

AmericaSpending 995 USD, the couples are allowed to board an indefinite flight to have sex for about 45 minutes. The work of pilot Anthony Blake, 51, is tied to Love Cloud flights that go around aimlessly. At that time in the cabin, his passenger was having sex. For $995, pairs can be flown in about … Read more