Memory loss because of two years of epidemic

AmericaWhen she had to fill in her year of birth, Lauren Bendik took a while to remember how old she was. “31 years old? No, I’m 32. Two bland birthdays make me forget. It’s hard to know what I’ve done in the past two years,” Lauren said. Previously, the woman living in Los Angeles, USA … Read more

Driving a motorbike for thousands of kilometers to go home to celebrate Tet

At the beginning of December, Le Van Vui, 28 years old, joined the group “Motorcycle riders going home”, gathered nearly a dozen young people to run 1,200 km from Ho Chi Minh City to Nghe An. His decision was made after hearing that a compatriot traveling on a bus with F0 had to be quarantined … Read more

The incense seller in Thuy Xuan village raises money for children with cancer

HueRain or shine, the disease makes the village empty, Mother Tuyet still sells goods to have money to help unfortunate lives. In the days leading up to Tet, at 7 am, Ms. Ton Nu Anh Tuyet was busy packing, spreading colorful bundles of incense sticks on the shelves, hanging conical hats overhead. Whenever a guest … Read more

Not coming to Tet

Two years of Covid, Le Thi Tam has not returned to visit her parents and this will be the 9th New Year this female worker has not returned to her hometown. “The feeling of loss in my heart when Tet can’t come back is still the same,” said Tam, 32 years old, a worker at … Read more

Beautify the Covid Tet season: One customer covers the salon

HanoiAfraid of contracting Covid-19 in crowded places, many customers accept to pay 2-3 times more to ask salons to stop accepting guests and serve only them. “I spent 8 million dong for this hair,” said Hoang Thuy, 40 years old, a business owner in Bac Tu Liem district, after finishing the service package including: restoration, … Read more

Tet is different from usual

Talking about Tet 2022, Nguyen Dang Ngoc Linh describes it with two words “poor” and “sad”. At this time last year, the 25-year-old girl was busy planning to buy ao dai, cut her hair, get her nails done… to welcome Tet, this year, Linh just hangs around her house in Bach Dang ward, Hoan Kiem … Read more

The girl with superhuman recognition

AustraliaYenny Seo belongs to the group of 1% of the world’s population that has the ability to remember and recognize any person’s face even if it’s just a glimpse of them for a few seconds. As a child, Yenny Seo surprised her mother when she recognized strangers in the store, saying they had passed her … Read more

The man selling the most ‘famous’ ballpoint pens in Hanoi

In the past few months, many social networking forums have often shared pictures of Mr. Diep holding a ballpoint pen, standing on the divider of the Kham Thien intersection and calling for support. “You buy 10 pens and get one more, for a total of 20,000 VND,” said Mr. Dinh Van Diep, 68 years old, … Read more

Escape from Tet

Two weeks before Tet, Hoang Tran last checked the items to prepare for a solo trip to Dalat. This was the first year she didn’t come home for the New Year. The 27-year-old office worker in Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh City has been preparing for this trip since November 2021, after seeing a … Read more

How to make the house minimalist?

Minimalism means keeping only the items that add value to your life and discarding the rest. Kim Livengood of Sarasota, Florida (USA), said she kept the Vogue to Seventeen magazines she had collected since the age of 14 and felt nostalgic not wanting to give them up. It was only when she sold her old … Read more