Tokyo (Japan) opens a hospital to treat asymptomatic patients

According to the Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Tokyo, in an effort to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic in the family, from January 25, the Japanese capital Tokyo will operate a treatment facility dedicated to patients with coronavirus. COVID-19 is asymptomatic. A COVID-19 testing site in Tokyo, Japan. Photo: Kyodo/VNA The initial 350-bed … Read more

The wave of COVID-19 epidemic continues to rise in Japan and many European countries

On January 19, Japan recorded 41,485 new cases of COVID-19, the highest ever. This is also the second consecutive day, the number of new cases in this country increased to a new milestone. People wear masks to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic in Tokyo, Japan, January 18, 2022. Photo: Kyodo/VNA Tokyo capital recorded 7,377 cases, far … Read more

Abandoning a child after finding out that the sperm donor was lying

A Japanese woman has abandoned her baby after finding out that her sperm donor had lied to her about her marital status, ethnicity and educational background. A woman in Japan has abandoned her child after realizing the sperm donor was a liar and is suing him. AFP Newspaper Newsweek January 12, citing information from the … Read more

Japan’s capital Tokyo raises the alert level for the COVID-19 epidemic

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government of Japan on January 13 raised the COVID-19 epidemic alert by one step, to the second highest level on a 4-level warning scale, in the context of the rapidly spreading Omicron variant causing the number of cases to rise. increase. This is the first time since September 2021 that the epidemic … Read more

With the first community Omicron case, Tokyo launches a free testing campaign

The Japanese capital Tokyo on December 25 began providing free Covid-19 testing services to all who want to be tested after authorities recorded the first case of the community-transmitted variant of Omicron. Officials say Tokyoites who are worried that they may be infected with Covid-19 even if they have no symptoms can also be tested, … Read more

End of two exciting Vietnamese festivals in Japan

On the evening of December 12, the Vietnam Festival in Japan officially ended in Tokyo. With the fun filled experiences of the past two days, the much-awaited festival will continue next year. Mari Suzuki, a Japanese living in Tokyo, gave an interview to the VNA. Photo: Dao Thanh Tung During the two days of the … Read more

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh’s visit to Japan: Consolidating strategic partnership in the ‘new normal’

Economic cooperation and maritime security cooperation are two important topics expected to be discussed during the meeting between the two Prime Ministers of Vietnam and Japan, in order to continue consolidating the extensive strategic partnership. Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh is on a high-level visit to Japan, which is expected to last for four days … Read more

Main contents of Japan’s record $490 billion economic stimulus package

Japan on November 19 announced a record $ 490 billion stimulus package to “shock” the country’s economy before the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. This economic stimulus package reflects Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s focus on distributing more wealth to households. People walk on the streets of Shibuya district in Tokyo (Japan) on October 1. Photo: … Read more

Suspect declares motive for stabbing knife on Tokyo subway

JapanKyota Hattori, the knife stabbing suspect on the Tokyo subway on Halloween night, said he “wants to kill as many people as possible and receive the death penalty”. Investigative sources said that during today’s interrogation, Kyota Hattori explained the conduct of the attack in the capital Tokyo, and chose the time of Halloween night, thinking … Read more