Valve says Steam Deck is on track to ship at the end of February

According to the latest information from Valve, its Steam Deck handheld game console will get rid of the delay and reach users by the end of February. According to The Verge, previously in November, Valve announced a launch delay that made the Steam Deck fan community wait for another 2 months. And the latest 2022 … Read more

Leaked image of Lenovo ThinkBook Plus with an extra screen on the keyboard

A famous “expert” on Twitter has released some design images that are believed to be of the 17-inch Lenovo ThinkBook Plus. Notably, this laptop will integrate an extra screen (touch) right on the keyboard. Not only showing the unique design of this device, the sketch also reveals a few more things about the specifications of … Read more

LG introduces a uniquely designed PC monitor

If you like placing two or three monitors on your desk to serve a variety of tasks, LG’s newly launched monitor is an interesting choice. Follow Aroged, LG monitors are designed with people who love multitasking and productivity but only need to use a single screen. The design of the monitor focuses on comfort of … Read more