Court dismisses lawsuit related to gambling with CSGO costumes

A court has just dismissed a lawsuit filed by parents accusing Valve of abetting in-game skins. According to Kotaku, on January 7, a US federal court dismissed a lawsuit against Valve, related to the company’s alleged facilitation of illegal betting on matches. CSGO. This is the final case in a series of lawsuits from parents … Read more

Valve says Steam Deck is on track to ship at the end of February

According to the latest information from Valve, its Steam Deck handheld game console will get rid of the delay and reach users by the end of February. According to The Verge, previously in November, Valve announced a launch delay that made the Steam Deck fan community wait for another 2 months. And the latest 2022 … Read more

Steam has been banned in China

Valve’s gaming service is reported to have been banned in China. According to Neowin, Valve’s presence in China is an interesting topic, and although the global version of the Steam store has been available for quite some time, the service itself has never been approved to operate by the government. . Earlier this year, Valve … Read more

The international version of Steam is banned in China

Based on reports by thousands of users on Reddit, Twitter, and other social media platforms, the global version of Steam has been banned in China. According to Neowin, Valve’s China-specific Steam version has been approved by the country’s government. However, customers are only offered a handful of games as it only contains titles approved by … Read more

Valve kicks off thousands of game discounts

Valve is ending 2021 with its Steam Winter Sale, which aims to give PC gamers a chance to download their favorite games for less than before. According to Neowin, Valve’s final sale of the year applies to almost everything available on that store, from the latest AAA releases to old-school hit games. Due to this … Read more

Valve confirms that the Steam Deck is still open for sale as scheduled

The handheld gaming device that many gamers have been waiting for is still scheduled to hit shelves in February after the first delay in November. The technology industry is going through a difficult time when shortages of components and delayed delivery schedules make the gaming community worry about the fate of the Steam Deck handheld … Read more

Final Fantasy 7 Remake seems to be heading to Steam

Final Fantasy 7 remake is heading to Valve’s Steam platform. According to VCG, the PC version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake appears to be moving to Valve’s Steam platform, which is based on files found in the recently released Epic Game Store version. Final Fantasy 7 Remake seems to be heading to Steam Square Enix … Read more

Nvidia warns of prolonged GPU shortage

Nvidia believes that the global chip shortage will not improve in the near future, where supply problems are expected to continue throughout 2022. According to Digitaltrends, in sharing the outlook for the coming year with Yahoo Finance, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said demand will outstrip supply while the company cannot do anything to navigate the … Read more

Valve says it will support Steam Deck with BattlEye anti-cheat system

The company says the Steam Deck’s Proton compatibility layer already works with the BattlEye system. According to The Verge, it was initially speculated that Valve’s upcoming $400 Steam Deck handheld would not be able to play every game on Steam perfectly. Since it has to run Windows games on Linux using the Proton compatibility layer, … Read more

Steam Deck delayed to early next year

Valve has announced to delay the release of their new handheld game console, the Steam Deck, to early next year instead of late 2021 as originally planned. According to Neowin, Valve revealed the delay in a blog post on Steam, where the company said the Steam Deck sex was delayed by two months from December … Read more