First Chinese woman to live in space for 100 days

During the record-long mission on the Tiangong space station, female astronaut Wang Yaping and her colleagues achieved many outstanding achievements. Wang Yaping works in the Tiangong space station to support two colleagues out on a spacewalk on December 26, 2021. Photo: Beijing Aerospace Control Center Astronaut Wang Yaping, 41, once again made history by becoming … Read more

Turning her neck to reduce fatigue, British woman suffered a stroke due to a torn artery

Because she wanted to reduce shoulder pain, Miss Helen Farrell performed the neck rotation from side to side. However, this action accidentally ruptured the artery, leading to a stroke. Ms. Helen Farrell (32 years old) lives in the town of Blackpool (England). In the past, she often suffered from shoulder pain, so she went to … Read more

Taliban spray tear gas on protesting women

Taliban fighters today sprayed pepper spray on a group of women protesting in Kabul to demand the right to work and education, according to eyewitnesses. About 20 women gathered in front of Kabul University, chanting “equality and justice” and carrying placards that read “Women’s rights are human rights”, an AFP reporter reported. However, the protest … Read more

Abandoning a child after finding out that the sperm donor was lying

A Japanese woman has abandoned her baby after finding out that her sperm donor had lied to her about her marital status, ethnicity and educational background. A woman in Japan has abandoned her child after realizing the sperm donor was a liar and is suing him. AFP Newspaper Newsweek January 12, citing information from the … Read more

English: 36-year-old woman who weighs only… 20 kg

The rare disease causes Ms. Nicolette Baker of England to have severe stomach pain every time she eats. This condition made it impossible for her to eat and drink normally. Despite being 36 years old, Ms. Baker weighs only 20 kg. Ms. Nicolette Baker lives in the city of Truro, county Cornwall (UK). From birth, … Read more

Menstrual delay after Covid-19 vaccine?

After receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, more women missed their period by about a day than those who were not vaccinated. This is the result of a study funded by the US government, published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology (Obstetrics & Gynecology) on January 6. Scientists analyzed data on nearly 4,000 women aged … Read more

Seven births of a woman with two uteruses

BA Ria Vung TauAt the age of 17, knowing that she had two uteruses, Thu Trang always received the news that she was infertile, but after getting married, she repeatedly “broken the plan”. In a resort near the sea in Chau Duc district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, Ms. Trang carried her newborn daughter … Read more

Late complications after filler injection

Incorrect filler injection technique can cause embolism leading to blindness, cerebral infarction, sepsis… The Department of Plastic Surgery – Bach Mai Hospital (Hanoi) recently received a 24-year-old female patient, admitted to the hospital in a state of red, swollen right cheek, accompanied by fever. Ultrasound results showed an image of an abscess that was about … Read more

China considers giving women the right to choose to have a caesarean section

The draft amendments to the Law on Women’s Rights and Interests in China proposes many new provisions, including allowing women to choose to have a cesarean section even if their husbands object. Pictures of children at an obstetrics clinic in Shanghai, China reuters Reuters news agency on December 21 reported that China will allow pregnant … Read more

Taliban allows Afghan women to protest

Protests for women’s rights are allowed to take place in the context of the Taliban showing a softer tone and wanting to remove the blockade of Afghan assets abroad. Afghan women protest in Kabul on December 16 afp Dozens of women took part in protests in Afghanistan on December 16, demanding women’s rights to education, … Read more