The meaning of Huyen’s name for girls and some good middle names for Huyen’s name

What does the name Huyen mean? When mentioning Huyen’s name, people will surely immediately think of fanciful, shimmering, magical and mysterious. Not only that, girls named Huyen also possess gentle, agile and intelligent personalities. Therefore, Huyen is said to be a beautiful name, it is often used to give girls with good connotations, bringing miracles. … Read more

3-year-old girl suspected of having nails in her skull was hospitalized for pesticide poisoning

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 00:00 AM (GMT+7) Director of Thach That General Hospital said that the hospital had sequenced the medical history of the 3-year-old girl. About 3 months ago, the patient was comatose because of pesticide poisoning. After that, this girl was hospitalized in Thach That because of a foreign body in the digestive … Read more

Vietnamese security engineer honored by Apple

Nhu Bao Chau, born in 1997, working in Hanoi has found a vulnerability in Apple’s server and has been recognized by the company. On Apple’s website, Bao Chau is credited for helping uncover a potential security flaw in its web server. Apple did not detail the vulnerability other than describing it as a “server configuration … Read more

4 mistakes many people ‘stick’ when doing bodyweight exercises

Bodyweight exercises are classified as strength training exercises that use an individual’s weight to create resistance against gravity. It helps build strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, coordination and balance. Different exercises help you target different muscles of your body, only when done correctly. While doing this exercise, it is easy to get carried away and make … Read more