The taxi driver is “hot as ice cream”, more ruthless than Marc Spector

The 3rd episode of Moon Knight indirectly introduced the 3rd personality of Marc Spector, who suddenly appeared in the fight between Marc and some henchmen of the villain Arthur Harrow from the very beginning of the film. Similar to episode 1, Marvel doesn’t let the audience see what happened when this personality rose. Just know that when Marc regained his consciousness, the enemy was brutally murdered, making him startle himself, and mistook it for Steven Grant’s actions.

Explaining Moon Knight's new personality: The taxi driver is

The new personality of Marc Spector suddenly emerged at the beginning of episode 3 of Moon Knight.

Steven is a timid, shy person who often opposes the violent actions of Marc Spector. Meanwhile, Marc himself, although a professional mercenary who has performed many assassination missions, always knows how to consider the situation to come up with an appropriate plan. In the opening segment of episode 3, he just wanted to collect information related to Arthur and Ammit’s tomb, had no intention of killing his opponent, and did not even have the heart to be heavy-handed with minors.

Most importantly, neither Steven nor Marc know what happened, and both deny this barbaric act. That detail clearly shows that another personality has awakened without the two knowing. This makes many viewers question whether the new MCU superhero has many other personalities hidden in his body?

How many personalities does Moon Knight possess in the comics?

Explaining Moon Knight's new personality: The taxi driver is

Moon Knight possesses many different personalities in the Marvel original.

It’s no coincidence that Moon Knight is dubbed “Marvel’s Batman”. Doug Moench, the writer who created Batman for DC, was the one who brought Moon Knight to Marvel through the Werewolf By Night series of stories, released in 1975. 1 year later, the Moon Knight continued to be Dig deeper into the Marvel Spotlight story chapter #28-29.

At this point, Marc Spector’s “personality” is just an alias to help him operate more easily. The first alias is Steven Grant, a rich billionaire and the main sponsor of Moon Knight’s superhero activities. The second alias is Jake Lockley, a taxi driver who roams the streets to investigate and collect information about criminal activities. A superhero who likes to be active at night, is both rich and has detective skills, no wonder Moon Knight is put on the balance by many fans with Batman like that.

Explaining Moon Knight's new personality: The taxi driver is

Initially, the “personalities” of Moon Knight were just “alias” of this superhero.

However, when the Moon Knight series was released in 2014 – 2015, writer Warren Ellis decided to turn the above alias into separate personalities, with independent thinking, personality, forte, shorthand. , coexisting in the body of Marc Spector. Although not confirmed, but there are many details that this is the result of Khonshu manipulating and occupying Marc’s mind. Besides, Warren also created another personality named Mr. Knight, a well-dressed, talented detective, is very diplomatic and is often free to go in and out of crime scenes to assist the police.

In short, in the original, Marc Spector has 5 different personalities: himself, Moon Knight, Steven Grant, Jake Lockley and Mr. Knight.

Who is the new personality of Moon Knight in the MCU?

Explaining Moon Knight's new personality: The taxi driver is

Only 1 more personality of Moon Knight has not appeared on the small screen.

At this point, perhaps we can already deduce it. Marvel Studios has simplified things by combining Marc Spector with Moon Knight and Steven Grant with Mr. Knight, because inherently these pairs of characters are also relatively close to each other in the original. Thus, only Jake Lockley has not appeared yet. And it is possible that the new personality appearing in the 3rd episode is this “hot as ice cream” driver.

As mentioned above, Jake works as a taxi driver in New York City as a perfect cover to collect information related to criminals. He has even established a vast network of his own and always grasps the most important data in the fastest way, like Sherlock Holmes with the Irregulars children on Baker Street. One of the members of this network is Crawley – the same street artist that Steven often confides in in the first episode.

However, in the comics, Jake Lockley, indeed, is very hot-tempered, but is not portrayed as a ruthless person, at least not as ruthless as Marc or even Steven. However, considering that Marvel Studios has made a lot of changes to Moon Knight (of which Steven Grant is the best example), they probably have other ideas for the character of Jake Lockley. Chances are this will be the darkest, most terrifying corner of Moon Knight, a violent nature that even this superhero can’t control.

Jake Lockley is the reason why Khonshu “dotted” Marc Spector for the role of Moon Knight

Explaining Moon Knight's new personality: The taxi driver is

Khonshu wants to take advantage of Jake Lockley’s violent nature to perform tasks that even Marc Spector dare not do?

Jake Lockley Marc Spector’s personality could be the key to why Khonshu wants to save Marc and insists on making him his avatar on Earth. In the second episode, the Egyptian moon god vowed to do whatever was necessary to protect Marc, despite repeatedly threatening to replace him if he did not.

The Marvel Studios series has yet to clarify what makes Marc Spector so special to Khonshu. This guy is a good fighter, a professional and seasoned mercenary, but obviously he doesn’t always agree with Khonshu’s violent methods. Maybe the Moon god knows what’s darkest inside Marc, and wants to find a way to manipulate his mind gradually, until Jake Lockley’s personality rises and is ready to submit to the most brutal plans that he knows. without hesitation.

While Steven often refuses and is always prejudiced against Khonshu, and Marc only plays Moon Knight to fulfill his debt, Jake Lockley may be the embodiment of hatred, of the ruthlessness that Khonshu desires. . In that case, Jake Lockley is like Arthur Harrow, who admits at the end of episode 3 that he enjoys violence.

This could make Moon Knight’s 3rd personality all the more important, as Jake Lockley can teach Marc Spector how to defeat Harrow, or be the only one willing to do what has to be done to prevent a return. of Ammit, to Steven’s weakness and Marc’s hesitation.

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