1010data: The Best Data Management Software for Small Business

Data management software was born to build a reasonable data system, and scale up and grow businesses efficiently. Many small businesses are looking for a positive change from it.

Have you ever heard of 1010data? It is rated by many customers as the best data management software for small businesses.

Overview of data management software

Data management software is a type of application developed with the main function of computerizing and modernizing a certain business process of the company. It is a system for loading, storing, and managing specific data and information ​​of an organization. It is usually installed on computers and sometimes on smartphones.

Data management software is a great solution to effectively manage all information and data of an enterprise from customers, company personnel, or distributors, capital, and their partners.

Businesses can automate all or a portion of their production processes with the aid of business management software. Inbound and outbound management, packing, and the preparation of raw materials to the finished product are a few of these. As a result, production waste and errors are significantly decreased.

Three main features of a data management software

Maybe you will wonder, what are the main features of the best data management software for small businesses? Here are the answers.

Data security- one of Three main features of a data management software

Data analysis

The best data management software for small businesses that can wholly and reliably separate high-quality data. Scientifically analyzed data will bring many valuable and useful things for business development and customer support.

Data security

Data governance keeps it safe from corruption and unlawful access. This covers every facet of protection, such as restricting access to the network to lessen the chance of a hack, user identification, authorisation, and the establishment and enforcement of data access.

When information is transferred from one platform to another, your company runs the risk of encountering some errors or missing parts of the data. You can hardly tolerate such errors or spend a lot of resources and time fixing and checking everything. With the use of business management software, you don’t need to enter the same information in multiples.

Moreover, “all-in-one” management software can upgrade the organization and management of your data. On the other hand, you can make sure to avoid any errors of omission or duplication of information caused by manual input methods.

Access control of multiple users

A data management software is capable of providing secure access to multiple users to enhance data access and collaboration.

It is done through concurrency control strategies to ensure data integrity. Any confidential information of a business will be stored securely. Specifically, the data that is accessed and updated is always accurate.

However, multi-user collaboration will be free of intrusion and information leakage, so you can use it with complete peace of mind.

1010data – The Best Data Management Software for Small Business

About 1010data

1010data is a leader in big data analytics and data management software. The company, headquartered in New York, the United States. Now this company is continuing to release more innovative products and features.

1010data’s Insights Platform has over twenty years of development with many customer partners from the consumer, retailer, and financial services industry. 1010data is ready to empower customers with smart decisions thanks to collaboration, market intelligence, and effective data analytics.

About 1010data The Best Data Management Software for Small Business

There are many trusted partners in the world working with 1010data, they are Google, Data Plus Math, Oracle, Experian, Pinterest, Gigwalk, Ipsos, Mastercard Advisors, MaxPoint, Omnicom.

Why is 1010data the best Data Management Software for Small businesses?

  • Efficient big data analytics and processing

Data1010 is rated as the best data management software for small businesses because it is capable of analyzing, processing, and storing large amounts of data for small businesses. Not only that, but the components included in big data analysis can also identify business strategies in the most effective, appropriate, and economical way.

Based on the cloud computing platform, 1010data can flexibly integrate statistics parameters related to the business activities of a small business. Not only that, with the ability to analyze data effectively, the management departments of that company can make firm decisions and better results in each of their “steps”.

  • 1010data own query language

It also has its own query language that supports subsets of SQL functions plus broader query types including time series and graph analyses. This private cloud approach eases customer stress on management and scaling infrastructure.

  • Display of data

This app is essential for presenting data in a safe, secure, and efficient way among stakeholders.  

In addition, 1010data includes tools that also have the function of making data reports more beautiful and attractive through its graphic rendering capabilities. Visually rich reports help you and your viewers better understand the data, more importantly, stimulate interaction and discussion between people.

Pros and Cons of 1010data

Here are the pros and cons of 1010data that you should know.


  • 1010data can enable businesses to take advantage of advanced analytics methods and help visualize data effectively.
  • It offers agile methods of providing data processing and data preparation by IT.
  • Identify consumer transaction spending trends with multi-source datasets.
  • Every operation on Data1010 is very easy to perform and use for beginners.


  • It is impossible to process too large amounts of information.
  • Only suitable for small businesses.
  • Data for businesses is difficult to analyze in the deepest to the most detailed extent (for example, sales figures for the same retailer in the same zip code are averaged).


Although 1010data has a few disadvantages that make customers unsatisfied, it is still worthy of being the Best Data Management Software for Small Business worth using. 

The staff is always ready to answer any questions from customers about 1010data data management software. Therefore, it is trusted and used by many customers. 

We hope that this article will help you have an overview of data management software and 1010data. We wish you have a good day.

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