Russia spoke out about the information that ‘China suggested not to attack Ukraine’

A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry gave a view on the information “Chinese President Xi Jinping asked Moscow not to invade Kiev during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.” TASS news agency on January 22 quoted Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova as saying that a Bloomberg publication reported that Chinese President Xi Jinping is … Read more

Memory loss because of two years of epidemic

AmericaWhen she had to fill in her year of birth, Lauren Bendik took a while to remember how old she was. “31 years old? No, I’m 32. Two bland birthdays make me forget. It’s hard to know what I’ve done in the past two years,” Lauren said. Previously, the woman living in Los Angeles, USA … Read more

US, Japan vowed to ‘repel’ China

AFP news agency on January 22 reported that US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida met online and agreed to strengthen their response to China. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida attended an online conference with US President Joe Biden on January 21 kyodo/reuters According to a White House statement released after the … Read more

Forecast of military competition between major powers in 2022

Military competition between great powers will be increasingly fierce due to advances in science and technology. According to researcher Raihan Ronodipuro at the Faculty of Politics and Security of the Center for Indonesia-China Studies (CICS) on on January 21, the security environment around the world is going through difficult times. high volatility and uncertainty … Read more

The body of a man in a house full of snakes

AmericaDavid Riston of Maryland was found dead in a house containing more than 120 snakes, including many poisonous ones. A neighbor on January 19 called the police after going to the home of Riston, 49, in Pomfret, Charles County, Maryland, USA and finding him lying on the floor, seemingly unconscious. The neighbor came to check … Read more

Fear of conflict, US evacuates embassy staff in Ukraine

The US Embassy in Ukraine has ordered the evacuation of all non-essential staff amid growing concerns about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. US aid shipment sent to Ukraine on January 22 reuters CNN on January 22 quoted sources as saying that the US Embassy in Ukraine has asked the US State Department to allow the evacuation … Read more

Germany refuses to supply arms to Ukraine

The German statement came days after Britain said it would deliver anti-tank weapons to Ukraine. Unlike the US, UK and some Baltic states, Germany opposes direct arms transfers to Ukraine. Photo: AP According to Politico newspaper on January 22, Germany will not provide arms to Ukraine at this time, amid the security crisis on the … Read more

Disturbing the plane because of masks, facing 20 years in prison

An Irish man who caused trouble on a plane to the US because he refused to wear a mask could be sentenced by a New York court to 20 years in prison for assault. The US Department of Justice on January 21 announced an indictment that said Shane McInerney, a 29-year-old Irish citizen, faces the … Read more

The US urgently discusses a solution to supply gas to Europe in case Russia ‘locks the valve’

The United States has been opening discussions with Qatar and other countries about a plan to respond in the event that Russia’s intervention in Ukraine disrupts gas supplies in Europe. Europe has not been able to get rid of the situation of dependence on gas supplies from Russia. Photo: Reuters. The United States is in … Read more