Burning eyes at Ngoc Trinh-Quynh Thu’s ‘wet’ kiss

The extremely “burning” kisses of male-female star couples are now a thing of the past. The series of female stars with same-sex kisses are currently the ones who really make people gasp because they are so bold and hot. When it comes to the cult same-sex kisses of Vietnamese showbiz, perhaps the first name to … Read more

Before leaving a mark, the ‘nightmare’ of the Vietnamese team received a bitter ending from the ‘smaller Southeast Asia’

The Football Federation of Brunei (FABD) has recently officially announced the termination of the contract with coach Rajagopal Krishnasamy. The 65-year-old military leader signed a contract with FABD until 2023 at the beginning of last year, but after only 1 year of working together, the two sides “went their separate ways”. The reason given is … Read more

Phuong My Chi reveals the unbelievable truth related to Tran Thanh, hides her mother from doing something special with male MC

Recently, the program ‘Lucky rice’ produced by MC Tran Thanh himself in his own house has officially aired and is well received by the audience. According to his husband Hari Won, he came up with the idea of ​​​​this program after a long time of free time at home. ‘In the evenings when people are … Read more

The opponent of the Vietnamese team had a big event, the former Man Utd coach ‘appeared’ to match Coach Park at the 2022 VL World Cup

Vietnam Tel will start 2022 with a trip to Australia in the World Cup qualifying round. At this gathering, Coach Park Hang-seo and his students faced many difficulties because of Covid-19 with 3 positive players, of which only Hoang Duc returned in time for the upcoming important match. Not only Vietnam Tel, Australia also recently … Read more

The Ministry of Public Security announced the results of the charity noise of Thuy Tien, Dam Vinh Hung, and Tran Thanh

Recently according to vnexpress reported, the Criminal Police Department has made the final announcement regarding the charity noise of the artists, in which Thuy Tien, Tran Thanh, Dam Vinh Hung are important names mentioned. On January 21, the Criminal Police Department (C02, Ministry of Public Security) announced the results of handling crime denunciations. Accordingly, the … Read more

Truong Giang was stunned by the strange nickname that Mac Van Khoa gave his wife in the phone

Recently in episode 3 of Choose Who, actor Mac Van Khoa made many people fall back when he revealed the secrets of the couple’s marriage. Specifically, when asked: “What does artist Truong Giang save his wife’s number in his phone book?” Runner-up Laughing through Vietnam 2015 revealed his own case: “Before marriage, I saved it … Read more

Xuan Bac and Van Dung both have terrible mansions

North Spring Xuan Bac can be considered as one of the most versatile Northern artists in the entertainment industry when he is successful in many roles from MC to acting. Working in the profession for more than 20 years, “Nam Tao” has not only built a stable career but also owns a huge fortune. Therefore, … Read more

Ly Nha Ky beat 26 apartments, Ngoc Son “leveled” 300m2 in 400 billion house to do 1 thing

It is known that there are many Vietnamese stars who own monumental properties, which is always a dream for many people. However, some Vietnamese stars have “played foolishly” strongly, smashing the mansion or the inherently majestic space, just to rebuild it according to their will in an “arbitrary” way. Ly Nha Ky smashed 26 apartments … Read more