How To Sync Onecloud To PC With The Most Effective Methods

How to sync onecloud With PC One approach to using OneDrive in everyday life is to access, modify, and achieve OneDrive secure file sharing from a Microsoft 365 site. To access your OneDrive files easily As a quick way, you can also sync OneDrive with your desktop. Instead of using a web browser, you can view and edit OneDrive files on your local PC or Mac by syncing OneDrive to your computer.

Microsoft introduced a new desktop app in 2016 for Windows 10/11 and macOS. The updated version of OneDrive is more reliable and gives you the option to choose which specific folders to sync between the cloud and local storage. You can quickly sync OneDrive to your desktop using the how to sync onecloud with PC steps below if you have the recently released software installed on your computer.

Why Sync Onecloud to PC?

how to sync onecloud

It would be nice if you could use the Onecloud PC app to sync OneDrive with File Explorer if you need to access your OneDrive files but yours isn’t online. Files added and updated are automatically synced every 10 minutes when your computer is connected to the Internet after setting up your files for OneDrive to automatically sync two-way with your computer.

Any changes you make to files and folders in the Onecloud folder on your computer will also be made to the OneDrive cloud by syncing Onecloud to your PC and vice versa. OneDrive files can be accessed offline and used directly in File Explorer on your PC. Any modifications will be made once you are back online.

How To Sync Onecloud To PC

Microsoft OneDrive’s desktop application enables you to sync your data between your machine and the cloud. This is a quick and easy approach to guarantee that your computer always has access to the OneDrive files.

  • Step 1: On how to sync Onecloud, on your PC, download and install the OneDrive app. Windows 11/10 users have the software installed on their devices.
  • Step 2: The taskbar icon for OneDrive will be clicked.
  • Step 3: Use your personal or business OneDrive account to sign in.
  • Step 4: To choose where to save your OneDrive folder in File Explorer, click “Change Location”. Next, choose “Next” from the pop-up menu.
  • Step 5: Select the folders you want to sync from OneDrive to PC. Alternatively, if you want to sync your OneDrive account with your PC, click “Make all files available”. then press “OK.”
  • Step 6: You can access your synced files and folders on your computer by opening the OneDrive folder in File Explorer.

How to Sync OneCloud to Another Account Easily

how to sync onecloud

You may securely sync OneDrive with Dropbox and other cloud storage services with the aid of a specialized web-based cloud to cloud sync solution called MultCloud in addition to learning how to sync OneDrive on computer to access OneDrive files from computer. Your cloud data will be more secure than ever if you sync OneDrive with other clouds, and you can then effortlessly share OneDrive files with other cloud users.

With MultCloud, you can effectively use and control more than 30 different cloud storage service providers from one interface. Additionally, it offers a variety of practical tools that let you manage and move data between clouds without worrying about losing it.

MultCloud provides 10 different multipurpose sync options for cloud sync. The one-way and two-way Real Time Sync and Simple Sync modes are both free to use. You can also make use of an additional 6 sophisticated one-way sync options after subscribing, including Full Backup Sync, Incremental Sync, Cumulative Sync, Incremental Sync, and Mirror Sync.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for how to sync Onecloud.

  • Step 1: Open a web browser and register for a MultCloud account.
  • Step 2: On how to sync Onecloud, to grant MultCloud access to this account, select the OneDrive icon and sign in using one of your OneDrive accounts. To add a second OneDrive or OneDrive for Business account to MultCloud, repeat this procedure.
  • Step 3: Go to the “Cloud Sync” tab, choose a source OneDrive account or a folder therein as the destination, and then choose another OneDrive account or a folder therein as the source.
  • Step 4: To select the sync mode you require, click “Options” below.
  • Step 5: how to sync onecloud? When you click the “Sync Now” button in purple, MultCloud will automatically sync two OneDrive accounts.

Tips for Using OneDrive Sync Desktop App

OneDrive Sync Desktop App

For personal use, you should just sync your OneDrive to a safe computer. because users on that computer can quickly view the synced OneDrive files. The files will be immediately removed from the OneDrive cloud if someone else deletes them from your machine.

You can choose which OneDrive folders you wish to sync to your computer rather than synchronizing the entire OneDrive account because the OneDrive desktop program will take up the local storage of your computer after syncing, especially if you save a significant amount of data in OneDrive storage.


Above are 2 main ways for you to proceed with how to sync onecloud. Depending on your needs and purposes, choose the appropriate setting. Hope you have gained useful information through this article.

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