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How can you live without technology? The 7 Useful Guide That Makes Living Become More Simple

How can you live without technology? Many of us develop addictions to and dependence on our devices as a result of having smart technology at our fingertips.

Studies show that the typical smartphone user interacts with their device more than 2,600 times every day, whether it be by swiping, clicking, or in some other way. This can build up to a lot and is probably rarely fruitful.

Over time, this can cause psychological harm to people and lead to unhealthful attachments and viewpoints. You can turn off your phone and stop worrying about it, just think of the time and energy you’ll gain back.

Once you learn how to use technology in a balanced way rather than having it use you, you will lead a calm and wise life. Learn how can you live without technology to rediscover some tranquility and equilibrium in your life.

How can you live without technology?

1. Increase the frequency of your workouts.

Get used to exerting yourself fully, raising your heart rate, and working up a good sweat nearly every day. When you’re consistently working out and improving your physical fitness, you’ll feel fit and have more energy.

Increase the frequency of your workouts

By developing this habit, you train your body to seek physical activity and outside activities rather than a sedentary lifestyle and technological devices. You won’t long for sofa time if you routinely go to the gym, walk or cycling and run kilometers, take an online dance class, or perform pull-ups in your garage.

2. Make an effort to be present with the people in your life more often.

More time to spend with the important people in your life is the most priceless benefit of a technology detox. Make a special effort to schedule time with your friends and family so that each moment is meaningful.

This offers you the ability to make priceless memories with the people you care about. Having new experiences in life can also broaden your horizons. Read how to live every day to the fullest article.

Eliminate poisonous connections that sap your energy and make you anxious at the same time. Examine who you retain around you and put more time and effort into the connections that are most important.

3. Turn Off Your Phone Every Day at a Specific Hour.

We can’t deny that our phones are fantastic. The work done by the experts in electronics manufacturing is revolutionary. Because modern smartphone with best signal strength are so powerful, it’s unworthy to spend so much time using them that your life becomes unbalanced. Reducing your phone usage gives you part of your power back.

Simply setting a time limit for when you’ll stop using your devices can help you begin your road toward a digital detox.

After work, we frequently unwind by spending a lot of time on our phones. This may lead to an unhealthy pattern where you stay up late playing with your phone and get poor-quality sleep.

How can you live without technology?

At least a couple hours before going to bed, decide on your limit for the evening. Turn off the phone and place it somewhere you won’t see or think about it.

Your smart devices’ alerts can also be turned off or muted. You might even think about setting an alarm on a conventional alarm clock or a voice-activated device like the Google Mini Nest.

To avoid worrying about being inaccessible, provide your landline or another phone number to those who are close to you. Turn off the TV and spend the remainder of the evening relaxing or using your energy productively.

4. Attend yoga classes every week

Any kind of detox will always be enhanced by including yoga in your life. Yoga helps you become stronger, more flexible, and much more fit while also balancing the energy in your body and mind.

This exercise method enables you to control your thoughts while improving yourself. It pushes you to maintain your composure while doing challenging and uncomfortable poses. To be able to just breathe and pay attention to each position, you’ll need to allow your body to be soft and your mind to be clear.

Attend yoga classes every week

You may cut off your phone use and find more fulfillment in other aspects of your life by practicing this kind of presence and clarity every day.

5. Consider a complete digital detox

You can formally implement this method by turning off all of your gadgets for a predetermined amount of time. This can be compared to a fast or detox. You can alter the processes in your brain that keep you dependent on technology by going without it for extended periods of time.

You will discover a lot about yourself during this time away from technology, and you will also release the tense energy that makes you reach for your phone.

6. Try to meditate as often as you can

Try to meditate as often as you can


The power of your technological addiction can be broken with the help of meditation. The whole point of meditation is to sit quiet and pay attention to your own breathing, emotions, and sensations. You just sit and breathe, not holding on to your ideas as they pass through.

Your brain will benefit from practicing this as well. It strengthens the connections that your brain can make and enables you to see through the haze. When you meditate, your focus will be more acute, and you’ll be able to identify and name your impulses with greater clarity.

7. Write a journal

Maintaining a daily journal is really beneficial for your mental stability and wellness. Unresolved nerve energy frequently underlies addictive behaviour. You can get rid of your mental baggage by writing in a notebook so that it won’t keep you back.

Making your journaling session the first thing you do when you get out of bed will help you establish good habits and give your day a solid start. Everything that’s on your mind can be expressed without fear of criticism, allowing you to stop lugging it around with you throughout the day.

By doing this, you’ll avoid accidentally turning to a social media or game on your phone to block out the chatter in your head and you can learn how can you live without technology.


When you use the our aforementioned advice on how can you live without technology, adjusting to modern life won’t be as difficult. You can end your dependence on devices by using these advice.

When you have clear thinking and more joy in your life, you’ll be glad you took the initiative to change.

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