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Rumored to be a “poor girl”, MC Thao Trang spoke up

Thao Trang – the girl MC Young, beautiful, graceful and dynamic Esports is loved by many fans. Before conquering game fans, she was a familiar face on radio broadcasts, associated with experience programs: Tales of Sheep, Where to Eat, S Vietnam,… Heartbreaking viewers with a cute voice, full of sympathy, but there are still opinions that indicate that the female MC is a “poor girl”.

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This comment made Thao Trang fall back, the beautiful pink shadow of 500 Bros had to speak out immediately: “Everyone, try to say 2 bad points and 2 good points that people think about Thao Trang.

I can say for myself that one extremely bad point is that I often forget to reply to everyone’s inbox, huhu super bad habit, sometimes I check once and see a message from last month or a few weeks ago and I don’t know how to reply. I’m really sorry, brothers and sisters.

It’s okay to dance around like that, but it’s okay to be rude to anyone.” – Female MC confided on her personal Facebook.

Rumored to be a

Accordingly, she admitted her bad habit of being lazy to check and reply to messages and then forget those messages. Even though she knows it’s not right, she hasn’t improved. This is also a big reason why female MCs are labeled as “cool girls”.

If you are a hardcore fan of her, surely fans also understand the frequency of the female MC’s work, so it is also necessary to sympathize with this lovely and lovely girl.

Rumored to be a

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