Express: People who get 3 doses of vaccine if infected with Omicron have very mild symptoms

The best defense against the Omicron variant is to get 3 shots of the Covid-19 vaccine. Although people who get 3 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine can still contract the Omicron variant, they are actually protected from serious illness and death from Omicron. A study has shown symptoms of Omicron infection in people who have … Read more

New day with health news: After the 3rd injection, do you have trouble sleeping?

‘With the Moderna vaccine, after the 3rd dose, there are 2 side effects that can make it difficult to sleep’. Let’s start the day with health news to see what those 2 side effects are! 2 main symptoms in people infected with the Omicron variant; This is a bad habit that makes you eat more … Read more

Children infected with Omicron will have this symptom!

Several early studies and observational reports have described symptoms of Omicron variant infection in children, according to Verywellhealth (America). Here are the symptoms of Omicron in children that parents need to know about. What are the symptoms of Omicron infection in children? What symptoms of Omicron infection should parents look out for in their children? … Read more

On January 22, there were 15,658 COVID-19 cases in the country, Hanoi had the highest number of deaths

Number of COVID-19 cases transmitted in the community since April 27 (Last update: 18:08 22/01/2022) Vaccination situation in Vietnam See more COVID-19 vaccine data > Source: COVID-19 Immunization Portal – Updated at 00:00 January 21, 2022 Number of injections nationwide Information on new infections: – From 4:00 p.m. on January 21 to 4:00 p.m. on … Read more