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Wearing a swimsuit that flaunts a snow pear called Midu, weighing only 40kg but having amazing curves

Midu is one of the talented stars of Vietnamese showbiz. She was active in the arts from an early age, famous for her pure and doll beauty. Not only that, beauty also works in parallel in many fields, both in business, in the arts and also as a lecturer at a prestigious university.

If her talent has never been controversial, the weight and style of the pink ball fashion has always received mixed opinions. The 1989-born beauty recently had a “hidden trip” to marine tourism and instantly made millions of fans sob at her short story quotes.

The heroic actress Thien Mai wears a set of eye-catching neon blue swimsuits. Floating colors are a fashion trend these days.

Wearing a swimsuit showing off a snow pear called Midu, it weighs only 40kg but has excellent curves - 1

Caring for a swimsuit showing off a snow pear called Midu, weighing only 40kg but excellent curves - 2

Even though she had made the public “panic” when in public her weight was 40kg, the female lecturer’s body was still very eye-catching.

Grooming herself in a swimsuit showing off the snow and calling out Midu's name, weighing only 40kg but with amazing curves - 3

Caring for a swimsuit showing off a snow pear called Midu, weighing only 40kg but excellent curves - 4

Possessing a pair of famous blooming pears, the girl wearing a shirt with a bust is even more “eye-burning”.

The female lecturer is also an entertainer, so her dress style is somewhat liberal, more liberal than the traditional one. The travel set, despite showing off her hourglass body, was still very smooth and silky when she wore a skirt to cover the gap.

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The beauty seems to really like the neon green design, so she flaunts her body in 2 sets of one-piece suits.

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Midu is someone who loves the sea and swimming pools. She often checks in with lots of swimsuits showing off her natural features. At 32 years old, the actress is somewhere still very discreet when posting photos on social networks.

There are mixed opinions that lecturers should not post photos on Facebook in public, but Midu doesn’t think that’s wrong. She always wears a bikini while swimming and is very smooth with shorts or a scarf on the outside.

Midu’s lecture style is also discreet and elegant like many other female lecturers. However, the style of taking to the streets is a bit “snobbish” and more diverse. Since losing the weight, she has often dressed in short sets that flaunt an astonishing 5X waistline.

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Midu U35 but looks like a girl in her twenties in short clothes that show off her slim waist. She has various crop tops with many colors and designs. He often chooses to be paired with baggy jeans or pants and sneakers.

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The street fashion of this actress is very feminine. The baby doll dress set has a fairly simple shape, but the most important thing is how to mix & match it with accessories.

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When going out for coffee, afternoon tea with her friends, she will choose to coordinate with cute accessories such as hats and bags with unique shapes. On the other hand, when going to an event, pink balls will choose to mix and match with a blazer and carry a bag with a stronger shape.

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Sometimes, Midu also plays around by wearing the bra upside down. Looking at the dress, maybe many teenage girls can also apply and study.

Midu is young in part because she knows how to keep her skin and body in shape, but undeniably, the gout of her clothes also contributes a lot.

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