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Vietnam closes all issues on SEA Games 31

From May 1 to May 5, there will be an Affirmation Conference SEA Games 31 At Hanoi. This is a very important event because the host country and 10 countries will finalize all relevant issues. What will the Vietnamese organizers report at the conference?

Who must be tested for doping?

At every congress sport health work and doping testing are considered the first essential steps to ensure the success of the whole congress. In the context of Covid-19 is being controlled quite well in Vietnam, the Organizing Committee (BTC) SEA Games 31 announced not to conduct isolation for international delegations, supervision teams, referees, foreign technical officials. However, disease prevention is still tightened by Vietnam to the maximum extent so that no unfortunate health safety incidents occur. Athletes and coaches are tested quickly before the competition.

My Dinh Water Sports Palace is installing some electronic equipment


The organizers will set out 3 basic principles for cases requiring doping testing every day: Select 3 top 3 athletes of individual sports (depending on the number of athletes). schedule daily) for testing; In a collective sport such as football or volleyball, 1 – 3 players will be randomly drawn; athletes that the BTC has suspicions. At the conference, it was affirmed that if any country does not agree with this principle, it should give comments.

Torch relay by open-top car

In addition to health, the remaining 8 subcommittees will report on the total number of coaches and athletes attending the congress; festivities; logistics; traffic; finance, facilities; Information Communication; security; opening – closing. BTC Vietnam will confirm once again the 31st SEA Games taking place from May 12 to 23, including 40 subjects with 526 contents, competing in Hanoi and 11 other provinces and cities. At this point, all the preparations have been basically completed. Most of the sports facilities have been upgraded and renovated in accordance with the criteria and regulations of Sports Federation Southeast Asia. Only a few projects are still waiting to install a few items of electronic equipment. The organizers affirmed that although everything is very urgent, Vietnam will ensure the schedule and quality for the safe and successful SEA Games 31.

The BTC will also announce a very specific scenario detailing the opening ceremony on the night of May 12, how many invitations will be given to each country for heads of state (if any), officials… A remarkable information Right after the conference confirmed, the organizers of the congress will conduct a ceremony to ask for the fire to carry the 31st SEA Games torch at the Museum Ho Chi Minh (Hanoi) on May 6, instead of the original plan to carry out the ceremony to ask for the fire to carry the torch from 31 days before the opening ceremony, starting from Hung Temple (Phu Tho) and passing through 12 provinces and cities to organize the event. Congress. After that, there will be a torchlight procession by 11 athletes representing 11 countries participating in the 31st SEA Games (including 1 athlete holding a torch), traveling in 2 convertibles escorted by a ceremonial convoy from the Ho Chi Minh City Museum. Chi Minh is coming My Dinh Stadium and the flame was kept until the opening day of the 31st SEA Games.

Must transfer enough funds to attend the meeting

At the conference, it was affirmed that, in addition to the general meeting, the organizers also held separate meetings with each regional sports delegation (with 10 countries attending the meeting directly at the 31st SEA Games Headquarters, located at the Hyatt Regency West hotel – Hanoi; only Malaysia offered to meet online). The delegations will finalize the number of athletes, and the Vietnamese side will announce the schedule of each team’s sport, training schedule and location, competition venue, technical meeting, team leader meeting at what time of the year. day. By the end of April 30, BTC has received the travel schedule to Vietnam of some of the delegation’s teams Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar. The delegations are expected to arrive at the earliest on May 6 and will not arrive at the same time nor fully arrive at the same time. The team that finishes playing first will go home first; play later to later.

According to SEA Games regulations, delegations must deposit 50% of the cost of attending the congress before the conference confirms and has been transferred to Vietnam by 5 countries. About 1-2 days after the conference, countries must make a full transfer to be eligible to participate. Depending on the number of registrations of each group, the fee paid to the host is different (50 USD/day/person).

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