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Unique trolley exclusively for goldfish ‘goes everywhere’

10/05/2022 19:35 GMT+7

A YouTuber has introduced his new creation to help aquarium owners comfortably bring their pets to the street.

From TV screens that can taste food to electric chopsticks… some strange devices make many people surprised. But the latest, weirdest invention that has certainly surprised many people comes from a Taipei, Taiwan YouTuber.

Unique trolley exclusively for goldfish 'goes everywhere'
Unique trolley exclusively for goldfish ‘goes everywhere’

Recently, YouTuber Huang ‘Jerry’ Xiaojie created a push device that has a box that holds water and live aquarium fish that stay safe in it when out on the street. The ‘odd’ design is suitable for pet lovers who want to take their aquarium fish everywhere.

The portable aquarium is shaped like a trolley, with an additional acrylic water tank, located in the middle of the car.

In a video posted on his Youtuber channel, Xiaojie introduced his creation, he is welding a metal frame to make the main frame of a stroller, and then placing it on wheels.

The tank section is made of acrylic and is located in the center of the cart, ensuring that the goldfish have a 360-degree view as they stroll down the street. Included with it is a battery-powered filtration system, an air pump to supply oxygen to the fish and even a lighting system.

However, due to its small size, fish that like to be active may have limited space, making it more difficult to move. The ‘inventor’ is continuing to make the necessary adjustments to perfect his product. For example, the oxygen meter and the fish feeding port are improved in later versions.

Xiaojie took her three goldfish for a walk around Taipei in a convenient stroller. Passers-by were amazed to see his unique creative design. His video received the attention of many netizens.

“As a fisherman who often goes to the beach, I think the design is great”, “I have seen many people walking their dogs, cats and rabbits outside, but this is the first time I have seen the fisherman. take a walk” , “It’s so creative” … netizens commented.

Many netizens were quickly attracted and asked about the cost, price as well as how to buy and own a bag, and expressed support for the product.

This clear tank trolley is perfect for fish traveling, walking, hiking and hanging out with owners. The transparent design is really helpful to calm the fish’s anxiety, provide the fish with a safe, breathable and comfortable environment, suitable for small or medium fish.

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