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Wushu SEA Games 31: Golden girl Duong Thuy Vi before the opportunity to make history

Wushu at SEA Games 31 Starting from May 13 to 15 at Cau Giay Gymnasium (Hanoi), Vietnamese wushu with the return of the golden girl Duong Thuy Vi hopes to win gold in taolu swordsmanship (performance).

With 5 content of the subject’s taolu wushu at SEA Games 31 competing on the first day on the morning of May 13, Vietnamese wushu compete in 4 events, the most notable of which is the return of the golden girl Duong Thuy Vinow at the age of 29, competes in the content of swordsmanship.

Duong Thuy Vi performed extremely impressively at the 2017 SEA Games and won a double gold medal

Quoc Viet

In SEA Games 30 In 2019, Duong Thuy Vi did not attend because at that time the host country Philippines had cut most of the taolu content in wushu, including her content competed in addition to swordsmanship and spearmanship. As a result, this female athlete missed the opportunity to continue to score a double gold medal like at the 2017 SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Previously, this Hanoi-born female athlete also won 2 gold medals at the 2013 SEA Games in Myanmar and 2015 in Singapore.

With 4 SEA Games gold medals in her career, Duong Thuy Vi is one of the few athletes with the most outstanding achievements in the history of the Southeast Asian Games. Besides, she also won gold medals at ASIAD 2014 and 2 gold medals in championships world in 2013 and 2017.

Returning to compete in the 31st SEA Games arena at home, Duong Thuy Vi and experienced athlete Pham Quoc Khanh are the two stars of wushu’s taolu (female and male swordsmanship) content, respectively. Vietnam promises to win gold medal on the opening day.

Also on May 13, Vietnamese wushu also had athletes participating in taolu competitions in content such as Tieu Binh (men’s technique), Nong Van Huu (men’s sword), Nguyen Van Phuong (men’s tai chi) and Bui Truong. Jiang (knife and tactic).

To prepare for the 31st SEA Games, Vietnamese wushu has been practicing since the beginning of this year at Cau Giay gymnasium, and participated in all 21 content of taolu (performance) and sanda (combat – fighting), placing The goal is to win 5 or more gold medals to take first place in the whole team.

In the last 3 SEA Games, Vietnam wushu has not won more than 5 gold medals like previous times, specifically in Singapore in 2015 it won 4 gold medals (2 taolu, 2 hitters); in Malaysia in 2017 won 3 gold medals from taolu and the Philippines in 2019 won 3 gold medals, including 1 taolu and 2 thugs.

Therefore, at the 31st SEA Games at home with the return of the golden girl Duong Thuy Vi, Vietnam wushu is hoping to repeat the history of winning 5 gold medals like in the 2013 SEA Games in Myanmar.

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