Idiot Song Ji Hyo keeps her skin young forever, never aged 41

At the age of 41, actress Song Ji Hyo is still admired by the audience with her youthful and beautiful beauty like a young girl.

Focus on cleaning the skin

While filming, Song Ji Hyo having to wear heavy makeup or staying up late creates a burden on the skin. Therefore, after completing the work, Song Ji Hyo will prioritize carefully removing makeup with makeup remover or cleansing oil, gently massage to help remove makeup.

This also helps to reduce swelling and improve blood circulation. Then she washed her face again with water to remove makeup remover, and then washed it again with cleanser.

Idiot Song Ji Hyo keeps her skin young forever 41-1

Daily sun protection

Sunscreen limits the formation of brown spots, dark circles, the formation of aging wrinkles. Because of that, Song Ji Hyo is extremely focused on sun protection, she does not forget to apply sunscreen every day when going out. In addition, the “idiot” also carefully covers, wears sunglasses, and wears sunscreen to increase skin protection.

Idiot Song Ji Hyo keeps her skin young forever, age 41-2

Apply mask 1-2 times/day

Song Ji Hyo doesn’t like good makeup steps Skin Care complicated because it is quite time consuming. Instead, she often takes advantage of the mask in the morning or evening when moving, the makeup also blends into the skin to help bring out a more natural beauty.

Song Ji Hyo's silly auntie keeps her skin young forever 41-3

Always carry a moisturizing spray

Song Ji Hyo will carry a moisturizing spray bottle with her to help her replenish moisture and improve skin immediately. Just a light spray, the mist and nutrients will evenly cover the skin, and also lock the waterproof makeup.

Idiot Song Ji Hyo keeps her skin young forever aged 41-4

Drink green tea before meals

Green tea contains high levels of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals in the body, so Song Ji Hyo often drinks a small cup of green tea before meals.

Eat fiber for youthful skin

At age 41, what you eat can also help slow down collagen breakdown. There is a relationship between blood sugar and collagen levels. When blood sugar is high, it can affect collagen, which produces new and sticky molecules in the body. These molecules form cross-links with collagen, causing damage and wrinkles in the skin.

Idiot Song Ji Hyo keeps her skin young and never aged 41-5

Accordingly, Song Ji Hyo always chooses to eat foods rich in fiber to avoid high and low blood sugar levels, fiber also works to help keep you full for a long time. A wide range of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, including chia seeds, lentils, kidney beans, oats, raspberries, popcorn, pears and artichokes are all good sources of fiber. ” favourite.

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