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Abnormal signs in pregnant women with Covid-19; Omicron symptoms can persist even after recovery

Central Vietnamese Association of Young Doctors and Universities of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City

(Guidebook for Maternal Health Services during the Covid-19 Outbreak)

Pregnant women with Covid-19 need to rest, eat well, maintain hobbies and take care of themselves emotionally and physically. F0 pregnant women need to eat enough, adequate nutrition; Drink enough water, from 2.5 liters of water / day, drink warm water and slowly.

Patients should watch their favorite movies, especially comedies, listen to soothing music, or watch pictures of cute babies playing happily; Try to relax, get enough sleep. In particular, pregnant women should measure the SpO2 twice a day, if they feel short of breath, SpO2 95%, they should immediately inform the medical staff.

Signs to watch out for and pay attention to include: Shortness of breath, rapid breathing, respiratory rate >25 breaths/minute, pale skin and lips, confusion, confusion.

Things to note for F0 as a pregnant woman:

– Do not overeat, do not eat too much starch and sugar. You can add 1-2 slices of ginger and lemongrass to your drinking water, avoid drinking too much ginger and lemongrass juice in a day.

– If you are stressed, have trouble sleeping: You can use herbs like lotus heart to help you sleep or take anti-vomiting during pregnancy if you have morning sickness.

– If you have a fever: you need to drink a lot of water, wash your body with warm water. The patient can safely use antipyretic drugs during pregnancy: Paracetamol 500 mg or Ibuprofen if there is no history of gastric ulcers, bleeding.

– If you are coughing: you can drink herbs such as honey, garlic or pear steamed with alum sugar… During sleep, pregnant women should lay their head about 30-45 degrees higher to facilitate breathing.

– If a pregnant woman feels insecure, she should share her thoughts with those around her or connect with a doctor so that she can provide timely support to the pregnant woman.

– Wash your hands regularly with soap, alcohol-based hand sanitizer or hand sanitizer.

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