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Hang Bag when earning 1 billion from the age of 20

In the world of online sales, perhaps nothing is unknown Hang Bag (real name Nguyen Bich Hang, SN 1987) – Founder of a chain of stores with all kinds of care products for mothers and babies.

Starting to join business associations while still in school, until now hot moms have decades of experience in closing applications and are not middle-class assets. Every few meals for two weeks, people “green-faced” when the Hang Bag airs to rent, resell, and then buy a new home for billions of dollars is like selling vegetables at the market. Number of luxury cars expensive watch The “boss” selling online also makes ordinary people dizzy.

2 decades of making money online mogul Hang Bag: The biggest difficulty is spending too much money!  - Photo 1.

Luxury goods “boss” for sale online

This is the reason why the story of making 1 billion first as well as a business point of view – making money from the Hang Bag gets people to pay attention. Contact the young owner directly, get itSave the bag produce First 1 billion thanks to online business since I was 20 years old.

However, unlike many people, having 1 billion in hand with a sexy mother with 6 children, the feeling is not too strange because “I’m too busy making money so I’m stuck in the momentum and money is coming out every day, just do it, collect it and save it”. This money is taken by Hang Bag 1 part to buy a house and 1 part to reinvest and develop the online store back then.

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During 20 years of doing business – making money, he also faced many difficulties, but the most difficult was spending more than he earned. The hardest thing for me is not making money but spending more than I make put yourself in a difficult position. Trading wealth is not the same as capital. Sometimes I get overwhelmed like that, but then I still find a solution and get out of trouble.” – Hang Bag vent.

2 decades of making money online mogul Hang Bag: The biggest difficulty is spending too much money!  - Photo 4.

Hang Bag also admits that he makes money because he likes it business, likes to make money, likes to conquer the top of oneself. Thanks to that, he always kept himself in a high energy state and didn’t miss an opportunity.

In addition, when asked about the prejudices of people with online sales such as “Study well and then sell online”, “What to do when everyone wants to sell online now”,… Hang Bag is not afraid to reveal:

Selling online has a very different knowledge base and education from a business based on instinct. A good horse is a horse that runs long distances, getting rich quick thanks to online business is easy, but maintaining and developing it to become a professional requires a lot of knowledge, research and learning to always master and take advantage of the market..

2 decades of making money online mogul Hang Bag: The biggest difficulty is spending too much money!  - Photo 5.

Previously, Hang Bag did not hesitate to share recipes to help him build a foothold in the online business market. It is The importance of personal branding. Because this personal brand will increase your recognition among the masses, increase your credibility and help you reach a wider customer base.

In a talk show about the sales livestream, hot mom also admitted that she used to be a “furry chicken” in this area, even the first live stream was right … 5 minutes because she was too shy, didn’t know what to say, afraid of no viewers. However, Hang Bag then quickly learned the experience of a lifetime.

“Don’t rush into selling, get used to the lenses, get used to facial muscle relaxation, even get used to breathing, the pauses between sentences become round first. For sale, feel good. Buyers’ emotions are very important, they will pay attention to the seller’s expression to judge whether the seller understands something about the product, the product has a reputation. If we falter, it will be difficult to sell.Hangbag commented.

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2 decades of making money online mogul Hang Bag: The biggest difficulty is spending too much money!  - Photo 7.

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