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How serious is Drama Faker’s anger at LPL players?

Since the beginning of 2022 until now, LPL and LCK have been constantly entangled in noise and competition due to promotion issues. Importantly, the people who appeared in the drama were very popular. First, Chovy, Uzi opened the bowl, then Faker also joined. However, everything stopped at a controversial level until the recent incident.

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Faker was angry when he saw a 16-kill LPL player climbing the Korean rankings

In particular, Faker and the young LPL player, QingTian climbed up the Korean rankings. His teammates didn’t take him seriously, feeding him en masse from game to game. At first, “Demon King” was still patient, leaving QingTian’s words of encouragement.

But then, seeing the advantages of the Chinese LoL player, he got angry. Even Faker had a series of tirades that touched the LPL area. Suddenly, this caused a wave of fierce controversy among fans. However, BTC LPL also had to come out to face punishment for QingTian.

After that, the TES player had to apologize to Faker. However, the problem didn’t end there. LCK is also expected to intervene. The reason is, not only QingTian, ​​many other worthy LPL names have made Korea’s ranking quality decrease.

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Faker and QingTian incident caused noise in BTC LPL and LCK

In particular, T1’s side was very annoyed when Faker was in such a situation. Therefore, the team sent a text requesting that LCK show its power to refine Korean rankings. After that, the LCK representative also talked about the past incident.

“Currently, we are only responsible for providing accounts for players who have signed commitments. It is difficult to solve this problem in our country. Because too many players from abroad. However, our priority remains LCK players,” said an official.

Based on 163, BTC LCK can actually limit accounts originating from LPL. If so, this will greatly affect the practice of the stars. After all, the Korean rankings are still the ideal place for many big names to show their level in the LoL world.

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LCK and LPL face each other again due to the confusing noise

However, many former LCK stars also shared about the above incident. All support Faker and question why there are so many high ranking LPL players on the Korean server. In it, Khan expresses his bewilderment when a professional gamer feeds 16 lives.

In addition, Oner, Gumayusi complained a lot about the number of accounts originating from the Chinese League of Legends. Both thought that Korea’s ranking was getting worse because of a series of infidels. Not only did it spoil the game, many people also deliberately gave up early. After all, it was true that Faker was furious at the livestream.

Currently, the LPL has tried hard to solve it to reduce the noise from the above problem. But apparently, they can’t destroy public opinion.

Not to mention, the person featured in the story was Faker. Importantly, “worms make soup pots”, the Chinese League of Legends was once again humiliated in front of the neighboring opponents.

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