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Parents are old and confused!

On March 13, in a small rural area of ​​Hebei province (China), a netizen witnessed a bride running alone to attend the wedding, moreover, crying while walking, looking indifferent. same pity.

So who is this bride? Why go to the wedding alone without a man to pick it up?

The bride just walked and cried alone to the wedding, the reason behind making netizens angry: Old and confused parents!  - Photo 1.

It is known that this bride, surnamed Luu, 24 years old, is a kindergarten teacher in the town. She and Ha living in the next village are a passionate couple. Having been in love for many years, the two decided to give each other the title to return to the same house, but met with opposition from Liu’s parents.

Luu’s parents said that: Mr. Ha has no education, and does not have a stable job, relying only on manual work to make a living. Really not worthy of the daughter of the Liu family. Therefore, firmly do not approve for two people to get married.

Despite being opposed by his parents, Luu still loves Ha deeply. She once told a colleague: “No matter how much I object, I will still marry him.”

Luu’s parents realized that they could not shake off their daughter’s determination, so they turned to make it difficult for Ha with a wedding gift. Accordingly, they asked the groom’s family to give a bride price of 188,000 yuan (nearly 680 million dong), otherwise don’t dream of marrying their daughter.

Ha’s parents had to run around everywhere to collect enough money for their son to get married. With no other choice, Liu only had to humble himself to borrow money from his colleagues to help his lover’s family. The wedding ceremony was also met, Liu’s parents even though they didn’t want to, they had to accept it for Liu and Xia to get married.

However, on the day the man came to pick up the bride, Liu’s parents asked for an additional 20,000 yuan (nearly 72 million dong) for the “flower palanquin” fee. Of course, the Ha family could not dig up this money and only had to return to the car, considering this marriage was not successful.

When Liu heard about this news, she was extremely angry and had a big argument with her parents. After that, regardless of relatives’ obstacles, she walked 5km to get to her husband’s house to complete her wedding day. Before leaving, she told her family: “From now on, I will never return to this house again”.

Then, Liu turned to walk away, tears rolling down his cheeks to mourn his fate. No matter how far away, she must marry Ha, accept to cut ties with her biological parents.

The bride just walked and cried alone to the wedding, the reason behind making netizens angry: Old and confused parents!  - Photo 2.
The bride just walked and cried alone to the wedding, the reason behind making netizens angry: Old and confused parents!  - Photo 3.

Netizens expressed their grief and sympathy for the young girl. At first, many people also agreed with Luu’s parents because if she married Ha, the girl would not have a happy future because her husband still has no economic and life stability.

But after knowing the affection and determination of the “lovely couple”, netizens turned to support. Accordingly, they think that if two people are so determined, then let them be together, money can be earned, as long as you know how to work hard and not be afraid to suffer, anything can be done.

“I know that marrying someone with no future will be miserable, but if the children are so determined, let them come together, the consequences will be borne by them later. Moreover, the two people are young, can still work, they are not afraid of suffering, why would their parents prevent them from doing?”

“The bride price is money for them to get old, so of course they have to ask for a lot. Marriage in the future is about children, parents should not be too controlling about these things.”

“Poor girl. I hope the groom’s family will accept and treat her well because perhaps she has no home to return to.”

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