Thailand trains farmers to grow fruit for export to China

The Thai Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives will organize special training for durian and mangosteen farmers on how to use pesticides safely and prevent infection with the COVID-19 virus on products exported to Thailand. China. Durian for sale in Bangkok, Thailand. Photo: AFP/VNA Last year, China temporarily banned the import of longan from Chanthaburi after … Read more

Salvation after chaos

The US, EU, NATO and allies must accept dialogue with the Taliban, and even have to drag the Taliban into dialogue to salvage what is still possible. Although the US and EU and their allies insist that they have not discussed recognizing the Taliban government in Afghanistan, the meeting between their representatives and representatives of … Read more

Free condoms but limited hugs

“All Olympic-related units will be given free condoms, in appropriate quantities,” the Beijing Olympics organizers said in an email to Reuters news agency on January 25. In order to ensure the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic during the Beijing Olympics, the Beijing organizers have established regulations on living in a closed circle to separate athletes … Read more

Thousands of passengers stranded at Turkish airport

On January 26, many passengers posted videos on Twitter expressing anger and frustration at the airport and Turkish Airlines. In some videos, passengers walk around the airport, shouting: “We need a hotel!”. Some passengers said they were stuck for more than 30 hours at the airport without food and water. Turkish police were quickly deployed … Read more

Johnson & Johnson forecasts a sharp increase in sales of COVID-19 vaccines

According to the Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Washington, the US pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson (J&J) on January 25 forecast that its sales of its COVID-19 vaccine could increase by 46% this year due to increased vaccine demand and other problems. problems related to production becomes difficult. Vaccine against COVID-19 of pharmaceutical company Johnson … Read more

Sanctions the US can launch against Russia

The United States could cut off foreign currency, prevent Russia from accessing financial institutions and impose sanctions on Putin if Moscow moves to war with Ukraine. US President Joe Biden said on January 25 that he was considering imposing direct sanctions on his counterpart Vladimir Putin if Russia attacked Ukraine. Trump added that he once … Read more