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This summer, the shirt must stand out to be new!

In the office lady’s mind, Shirts These are the most elegant and basic designs to wear to the office every day. And most people will choose designs with gentle, elegant colors; But this summer, all that simplicity is put aside to give way to outstanding colors. The colors that just look at are immediately impressed with the luxurious appearance and immense personality.

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Don’t be afraid of super pop colors like these. It is those bold, sometimes dazzling colors that give you a completely different style. No matter how simple the outfit, just wearing a pop-colored shirt can overshadow it all.

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All bright, bold, and bright colors… have become hot trends this summer. The design of the wide shirt, which is already too flexible in terms of mixing, now adds these free-to-play colors to play all summer, not play.

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Pink fuchsia is probably the most sought after color this summer. A color of pink but not cakey or faded but on the contrary has an extremely attractive magic that makes her dainty or rebellious.

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This summer, the shirt must stand out like this!  - Photo 5.

Particularly this summer, there is an equally personal color that has been bombarded all over the street since the beginning of the year until now. Butter green, mint green … cool, refreshing, bringing a new and interesting feeling to every set.

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Don’t be afraid of such outstanding colors, sometimes you don’t need to pay attention to the clothes to still get quality sets. Even at the office, it’s just a shirt + casual pants or a blazer, but the style effect is sure to destroy all the simple mix & match styles or the faded colors that were too familiar before.

And here are suggestions for super cool color shirts from local brands this Summer:

[Box tag giá] – TIT shirt

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[Box tag giá] – Mono Talk shirt

[Box tag giá] – Meo Shop Shirts

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