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Nghe An: Wearing a shirt for OCOP, 100% of 3-star products are put on the e-commerce floor

Currently, Nghe An has 249 OCOP products with 3 stars or more at the provincial level, all of which are of good quality. In order for products to find a position in the market, it is necessary to put on a “new shirt” for the product to affirm its position in the market.

Building trademarks and labels for OCOP products

According to Mr. Nguyen Ho Lam, Deputy Director of the Rural Development Sub-Department of Nghe An province, after 3 years of implementing the program “One commune, one product” (referred to as OCOP), so far Nghe An province has 249 products. products that meet OCOP standards of 3 stars or more, of which 1 product has the potential to reach the national 5-star level and 4 products are upgraded, ranking 3rd in the country (after Hanoi and Quang Ninh).

Nghe An: Wearing a shirt for OCOP, 100% of 3-star products are put on the e-commerce floor
Nghe An’s Cam Vinh specialty has been granted a certificate of geographical indication registration by the National Office of Intellectual Property since 2017.

Many OCOP products in Nghe An have been known such as: Cam Vinh, Ky Son ginger, Thanh Chuong hill chicken, Pu Mat medicinal herbs, Mu Tu wine, Dien Chau peanuts, Sa Nam soy sauce; brocade woven products such as towels, skirts, tablecloths of Hoa Tien brocade craft village cooperative; Thanh Chuong green tea of ​​Thanh Duc Agricultural and Tea Processing Cooperative; lowland fish sauce of Van Phan Dien Chau Seafood Joint Stock Company, Lien Duc incense; Cam compensating Kim Nhan; lotus leaf tea of ​​the Sen Que Uncle Cooperative; Hoang Mai turmeric powder;…

Up to now, Nghe An has 249 OCOP products with 3 stars or more at the provincial level, all of which are of good quality. However, many products have not yet been invested in packaging and labels, so it is difficult to find a position in the market…

The reason is that many producers of OCOP products have not really paid attention to branding, packaging and labeling issues. Because it not only costs more money to print packages, stamps, labels, and barcodes, but packaging and labeling also takes time and labor. Meanwhile, their products are still mainly retail in the market.

Faced with this fact, in order to empower OCOP producers to invest in trademarks, packaging and labels, in 2020, the People’s Council of Nghe An province issued a resolution stipulating a number of policies to support the implementation of the program. OCOP process in Nghe An province, period 2021-2025”. This program will be implemented from 2021.

Accordingly, 50% support for design costs, purchase of commercial packaging, goods labels but not more than VND 50 million/product and support for each star upgrade.

Evaluating the role of branding, stamps, labels and packaging in promoting, advertising and expanding the market for OCOP products, especially putting products on the e-commerce platform, Mr. Hoang Nghia Nhac, Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology of Nghe An province, said that up to now, the whole province has 31 objects that have been granted collective trademark protection certificates, of which the majority are OCOP products.

These products have beautiful labels and packaging, initially create trust for consumers, and are accepted by the market. As a result, the selling price increased by 10-30%, profit increased and has found a foothold in large distribution, retail and export systems.

Each OCOP product needs to be “identified” by its own quality, brand, packaging, stamp… which is a necessary and sufficient factor in order to “digitize”, expand the market and affirm the position of the product. OCOP.

100% of OCOP products with 3 stars or more are listed on the e-commerce platform

In addition to investing in building labels and brands for OCOP products, recently, Nghe An Provincial People’s Committee has issued a plan to put agricultural production households on the e-commerce floor in 2022.

Accordingly, the goal of the plan in 2022 is that 100% of agricultural production households (Agricultural production) will be communicated about the program; 100% of agricultural production household information for transactions and business on the e-commerce platform is standardized and digitized; 100% of OCOP products that meet the criteria of 3 stars or more are posted on e-commerce platforms such as of VNPost, of ViettelPost.

At the same time, 100% of agricultural production households whose products are put on the e-commerce floor are trained in digital skills, business skills, and other skills to increase sales and online payment knowledge on digital platforms; increase the number of people accessing and operating on the e-commerce floor from 15-20%.

In addition, 3-40 typical agricultural products of the province will be selected, built to become a key product to ensure the origin, origin, history, process, farming environment and stories surrounding it. products such as culture, history, product features… to organize pervasive communication.


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