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Police raid bar in Saigon

More than a hundred people were reeling in the floor music of the Ferso bar in District 3 when the police blocked off, rushed in to check, and discovered dozens of customers using drugs.

Police looking for drugs in a bar

Police raid Ferso bar, looking for drugs. Video: Nguyen Diep

At dawn on April 15, Ferso bar on Vo Van Tan Street, District 3, was still crowded. Dozens of officials from Team 1, the Cultural-Social Inter-sectoral Inspection coordinated with the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department to inspect. Guests were playing in a row, many groups of people left the table to leave but were stopped.

At some VIP tables, the police discovered plastic bags, tablets … thrown around. More than 20 people in this area were detained to check for signs of suspected drug possession and use.

Police checked Ferso bar early this morning.  Photo: Nhat Vy

Guests playing in Ferso bar early this morning. Image: Nhat Vy

The inspection team made a record of many errors with Ferso bar such as business exceeding the prescribed hours, the manager letting the customer use drugs…

This bar is located in the city center, attracting hundreds of people on weekends. Nearly a week ago, Ho Chi Minh City Police discovered nearly 90 people positive for drugs. Or before that, in mid-February, 78 people were also found playing drugs here.

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