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U23 Vietnam is disappointed, Coach Park Hang-seo is out of… the book?

The draw in the upper hand of the U23 Vietnam team against the Philippines U23 not only made fans regret, but it also raised doubts about how the U23 team in Vietnam was going to handle the match against teams with different football styles. mass defense. Or in other words, is Coach Park Hang-seo stuck in terms of tactical ideas when faced with a large, well-organized defensive style and tight cover for each other?

In fact, in football it is normal to stumble. As good as Man City or like that, such a high performance also dropped the victory against Real Madrid in an impossible situation. And we don’t see anyone blaming coach Pep Guardiola for being inflexible, unrealistic, and deadlocked.

Coach Park Hang-seo has run out of… notebooks?  - Photo 1.

Coach Park Hang-seo was not satisfied when U23 Vietnam was held to a 0-0 draw by Philippines U23.

The Vietnam U23 team was unable to score against the Philippines U23, that is a fact, but that assessment is purely the result of the Philippines U23 team’s tight defense organization is not correct. Obviously in the whole match, the Philippines U23 defense had loopholes to give Vietnamese players a lot of opportunities, unfortunately, they failed to finish. If one of those opportunities had turned into a goal, the game would have been different.

So what creates the feeling that the U23 Vietnam team was stuck when attacking in the match against U23 Philippines?

Blaming poor results on the weather is something real coaches don’t do, but adapting the game to the weather is something every coach does. When it rains heavily on Phu Tho Stadium, the ground is flooded with water, no coach encourages his players to deploy small coordinated kicks, turning on the wall, it’s ineffective and too risky. We see that U23 Vietnam’s attacking players are almost uncoordinated. They make a lot of mid- and long-distance passes, exploit the offside trap space in front of the goalkeeper and behind the centre-back or the space between the centre-back and full-back, or dribble the ball high for the striker to head. , accept the fact that the Philippines U23 defense has a good height and ability to play early.

The bad thing when young players do that is that they seem to be in a hurry. They lack alertness, lack of appropriate adjustment in handling for each specific situation on the basis of the general tactics set out for the whole team. Shown in many stages of mechanical handling, unreasonable of young players. Like when not under the pressure of the Philippines U23 players, can coordinate to pass the ball short to find the best opportunity to launch an attack, the young players will automatically pass long. They too cautiously applied the tactics proposed by the coach, instead of sometimes bravely creating mutations, like the very good long shot of defender Vu Tien Long. But that is characteristic of young players, they need opportunities, time to hone their experience and skills.

Every team, no matter how classy, ​​has its own forte kicking style, and they are only strong when they can deploy that kick. Man City too, just need to hold a draw to continue, but they cannot play defensively, because they are strong, they frighten opponents when they attack. And of course, when we are forced to play with a style that is not our forte, the lack of fluency and effectiveness is also normal. At that time, we viewers will automatically feel the stalemate in the football team’s style. And when the team plays at a stalemate, the coach is the first person mentioned.

In an interview after the match, the first thing Coach Park Hang-seo mentioned was not the weather, not the difficulties in facing the Philippines U23 team that took away the victory of the Vietnamese team. The first thing he mentioned was that when in Group B, U23 Thailand lost to U23 Malaysia and was in danger of finishing second in the group, he did not intentionally draw or lose this match to avoid Thailand in the semi-finals. That said, although he was not satisfied, he was not too concerned about this draw. Thereby, we see that Coach Park Hang-seo is still very confident in his calculations.

With the results and the strength of the pairs in the table, reaching the semi-finals of U23 Vietnam is completely possible. Let’s wait and see what coach Park Hang-seo and our young players decipher and surprise the next opponents.

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