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How to choose fat, firm clams and tips to get rid of all the sand

To have delicious dishes from clams, you need to choose a firm clam and clean the clams before processing.

Choose clams with closed mouth, hard shell, healthy without cracking

Clams with their mouth closed are live clams. You can try to separate the clam shells by hand, if they are easily separated, it means that the clams are dead, do not buy.

There are also cases where the clam is alive but opens its mouth. Please touch them with your hand, if the clams close their mouth or move, the clams are live.

You should also choose a clam with a strong, healthy, unbroken shell because it is a fresh clam.

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Choose a big clam, hold it firmly

Large, firm clams usually have more meat and are also sweeter to eat. You should not choose a small clam and hold it lightly because when processing the clam meat, it will shrink and not eat well.

Choose clams that don’t smell bad

Smelling the clam is also a way for you to choose a delicious clam. If the clam has an unpleasant odor, it may be dead, so do not buy it.

Great way to clean clams, help clams release sand without a single grain

Clean the clams by soaking the clams with salt and chili

When we eat spicy food, most of us have tears in our eyes. The clam is similar, if it is spicy, it will have to open its mouth.

You just need to wash the clams, then soak them in a basin of water mixed with a little salt and cut into a few slices of chili. After 1-2 hours, the clam will be too spicy, but must release all the sand and dirt. After that, you can wash the clams with clean water to be processed.

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Clean clams by soaking them with salt and vinegar

First, you wash the clams and then soak them in salt water for about 2 hours. Clams encountering salt water will begin to relax, lose their subjectivity, and slowly open their mouths.

At this point, you cook a pot of boiling water, pour in a little vinegar and then boil the clams. While boiling and stirring gently, the sand in the clam will be released all the way out.

When clams are cooked, you take them out and process them into dish attractive. Clean the clams by shaking the clams to release all the sand.

You put the clams in the water to soak for about 1 hour for the clams to open their mouths. Next, use your hands to stir vigorously to remove sand and dirt from the outside and inside of the clams.

Then you put the clams in a box, add a little water, close the lid and shake vigorously for a while. Next, add more water to soak. At this time of soaking, the clams will release all the sand without you needing to wash and wash again and again.

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