The first product will be Xiaomi 12 Ultra?

Xiaomi recently announced a strategic cooperation in the field of mobile photography with the Leica brand. Leica Camera is a legendary camera brand with a long history of image quality, promising to help improve the quality of photos taken on Xiaomi devices. This is also the first time Xiaomi has announced a partnership with a well-known camera brand.

According to the press release Xiaomi sent to the media, the company said, “Xiaomi and Leica share a vision of future goals. This combination will give a powerful boost to the strategy. image of Xiaomi”. Although the company did not disclose the upcoming smartphone that will be introduced in cooperation with Leica, it is almost certain to be the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, because in the past there have been many rumors that say Xiaomi 12 Ultra. will have the “Leica” logo attached on the back.

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Xiaomi and Leica Camera announce long-term strategic cooperation

Before that, Leica was a long-term strategic partner of Huawei. Huawei’s high-end smartphones including the P series and the Mate series are cooperation products between these two brands. However, Leica has ended the contract with Huawei and the last Huawei smartphone to carry the Leica brand is the P50 Pro.

After Huawei, Leica continues to work with Sharp to launch the Aquos R6, the world’s largest 1-inch camera smartphone. Later, Leica also launched its first smartphone called Leitz Phone 1, which is an exclusive cooperation product between Leica and Softbank in Japan. Leitz Phone 1 is basically a renamed version of Sharp Aquos R6 with similar hardware configuration.

Leica is also not the first brand to partner with a smartphone manufacturer. This is a fairly popular trend at the moment, OPPO and OnePlus also recently announced a cooperation strategy with Hasselblad, also one of the famous long-standing camera brands in the market, or vivo with the in partnership with Carl Zeiss…

With the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, in addition to being the first Xiaomi smartphone to mark the cooperation with Leica, this is also expected to be one of the first phones on the market equipped with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, the most powerful processor in the world. The new generation processor was just released by Qualcomm on May 20.

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