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Young businesses grasp technology to improve competitiveness

Friday, April 1, 2022 08:00 AM (GMT+7)

In the start-up stage, making the most of technology resources will be an important factor for businesses to save costs and improve performance to be ready for breakthroughs.

Solve the problem of trading digital products with technology

The age of technology is the era where creativity and innovation take the throne. Many new business fields are born and give young people the opportunity to build a career. During the period of isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for entertainment and relaxation at home has increased, the Voiz FM audiobook application has received a lot of support with a remarkable growth in the number of users and users. revenue.

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CEO Le Hoang Thach considers technology the secret to creating a competitive advantage

The market is wide open with a lot of potential, but one challenge that makes Voiz FM CEO Le Hoang Thach a headache is saving costs and time as the platform gradually expands to larger and larger scale. Moreover, a niche product like an audiobook requires many new features to attract users, leading to cost optimization to be profitable.

To solve this problem, Voiz FM is in the process of creating and perfecting artificial intelligence voice (AI Voice) technology. This helps to shorten the time and cost of content production, and at the same time serves the needs of choosing a voice according to user preferences, helping to enhance the product experience and create a competitive advantage.

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AI Voice technology requires a high-tech equipment system to perform

Improve work efficiency with HP technology products

In order to digitize a huge amount of information from millions of books, Voiz FM needs a high-tech infrastructure system to support its operation. Technology devices must not only have a powerful configuration to handle a lot of data as well as run many tasks at the same time, but also have to operate stably. With these requirements, CEO Le Hoang Thach has chosen HP’s technology products, which is one of the trusted performance brands in the office products group.

As a book business, Voiz FM has many requirements for color printers because of the need to browse book covers and content. And the HP Color Laser MFP 179fnw multifunction printer is an optimal choice when it is like a miniature version of a copier with full printing, scanning, copying and faxing functions. The device has a compact design, fast printing speed, sharp color laser print quality, on the other hand, low cost, suitable for startups like Voiz FM.

Young businesses grasp technology to improve competitiveness - 3

HP Color Laser MFP 179fnw equipped with an automatic feeder that allows scanning and faxing documents up to 40 pages

This printer family supports use with the HP Smart mobile app allowing users to easily print from anywhere, scan documents for remote printing, or upload to the network using an internet-connected phone. In addition, HP’s Color Laser 100 printers also meet the Energy Star or Blue Angel eco-labels, which help save energy and protect the environment and user health.

For computers, CEO Le Hoang Thach believes in equipping ProBook 400 G8 laptops, ProDesk 400 desktop computers and HP E-series monitors. These are products that have been carefully considered according to the criteria of performance, security, and at a reasonable cost to synchronously equip the staff.

ProBook 400 G8 series laptops are equipped with 11th generation Intel Core processors, accompanied by Iris Xe integrated graphics for outstanding performance and graphics performance, helping to handle all work tasks smoothly. but.

Young businesses grasp technology to improve competitiveness - 4

HP ProBook 400 series G8 meets MIL-STD 810H . military durability standard

Meanwhile, the ProDesk 400 series of desktop computers is designed to be compact but extremely powerful, with a variety of connection ports and especially the flexibility to support upgrades according to increased usage needs when businesses business expansion, helping to optimize the life of the investment.

Included with the desktop is an HP E-series monitor that allows for increased work space, thereby enhancing work efficiency, and features eye protection with HP Eye Ease technology, reducing light green while ensuring color accuracy, which is perfect for the job of constantly reading titles at Voiz FM.

Young businesses grasp technology to improve competitiveness - 5

HP E-series monitors make browsing more efficient

Security modes are also an important factor for CEO Le Hoang Thach to trust in using HP’s technology products, especially when his business holds the copyrights of thousands of book titles. The HP Pro family of PCs features Sure Start – BIOS that automatically recovers from attacks, Sure Run – protects and keeps critical defenses active, and Sure Click – protects machines from potential threats. malicious files while surfing the web or browsing email, and optional Sure View anti-peeping screen helps protect important information when working in public.

Thanks to HP technology devices, Voiz FM staff easily handle the massive daily workload to launch many innovative products for users. In an increasingly competitive market, intelligence coupled with technology infrastructure is a key factor to help young businesses succeed, and Voiz FM has it in hand.

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